Cry Me a River!

To The Editor:

We are going to cry a river because of you!

Taxpayers if you weren’t in attendance Thursday December 10th at the Oswego County Budget meeting you missed legislators crying like babies.

During the meeting the minority caucus asked for several cuts to the budget in an effort to save the taxpayers money.

One of the first ones was a 3% cut in pay to all legislators.

The whining and crying started.

One of the questions by the majority caucus was: When was the last time we received a raise?

I have always been told: You have to earn your pay as well as a raise!

The taxpayers should decide if you get a raise not you.

With some 600 workers that may be losing their jobs it would be prudent to take a cut in pay instead of raising the costs to live in Oswego County.

There was some much whining I thought someone was going to bring out the crackers and cheese.

The whining didn’t stop until they (the majority caucus) all voted NO on the 3% pay cut.

One of the next proposed cuts was to eliminate the mileage reimbursement that legislators receive for traveling to the meeting they attend.

You know the meetings that they receive $12,345 each year to attend.

One main objector to this cut almost acted like a ten-year-old boy at the end of “Old Yeller”(you know when the kid had to shoot Old Yeller and every kid in the theater  was crying.)

Saying how he travels almost an hour to and from the meetings and how he is on many committees.

It was mentioned that everyone knew they had to travel to the meetings when they ran for office.

I say if you can’t afford to travel to your job don’t apply for it.

It got so bad I almost started to tear up myself.

This motion failed along with all others that would have cut almost $800,000 out of the budget.

I want you to remember these hardship cases when you get your taxes and they have gone up.

Thank each and every one of the majority caucus members for their sacrifices and for voting YES to raise your taxes.

Frank Castiglia Jr. County Legislator 25th District
PS I and all other minority members voted NO on this budget. We all voted YES on the 3% cut in pay and YES on the elimination of the mileage reimbursement.


  1. and now for the rest of the story……I voted no on the budget because I felt it was to much of an increase for the people of Fulton. I also voted no because I heard from those on a fixed income that did not get a raise that is usually “used to pay tax increases” I heard from several in Granby that without the raise this year any tax increase comes out of food and housing and medical budgets.

  2. Mr. Karasek..did you vote YES on the cuts presented by the minority caucus? Or did you vote NO…if you voted NO on all the cuts then your NO vote on the budget was just a political game…I was there and you voted right along with your Republican majority…on everything but the that point it was too late. You know that if you had voted YES on the cuts presented by the minority the increase in the taxes would have been less…but you didn’t…so ;your NO vote was hypocritical..

  3. I am simply pointing out that when you write articles to the public you should tell the truth.
    “Thank each and every one of the majority caucus members for their sacrifices and for voting YES to raise your taxes.”
    That is not a true statement.
    You have a great Christmas and I wish you the best for the New Year.

  4. Ok Mr. you know I’m sure…Two negatives equal a positive…so a NO vote on cuts and a No vote on the budget equals a Yes vote on raising taxes…and a Merry Christmas to you as well.

  5. One last comment. the tax rate was 3.9% and the use of 500,000 dollars of the reserve…which is taxpayer money, not mine, took it to 2.8%. we still have 24 million in reserve. Frank has made it very clear that he did not support that. I do not question his vote, that is his right no matter what party you are in. Use whatever math you find supports your cause. In this case a drop from 3.9% to 2.8% is……a reduction. (negative. down, less) Thank you for giving me the chance to clarify a couple of things.
    Everyone please remember to shop local and support our businesses that hire our friends, neighbors and family.

  6. That is the problem Mr. Karasek and you and all the Republican’s think it is alright to take money out of my savings account to balance your checkbook. Your expenses have to be lowered not my savings account. Legislator Castiglia knows that.

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