Currier Wins First Career Fulton Speedway Big Block Modified Feature

FULTON, NY – When Tim Currier decided to call the Fulton Speedway home for the 2014 season, he and his team didn’t know what to expect. In the past Currier turned very few laps in a Modified at the speedway and knew there would be a learning curve.

Saturday night Currier would grab the lead on the opening lap, hold off constant pressure from Tim Sears Jr. for many laps and then pull away from the Fulton heavy hitters for his first career Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified win on the “High Banks.”

Tim Currier
Tim Currier

“It was tough. The top had a lot of bite to it making the car tight at times. The crew has been fighting all summer long to get this back in shape, this thing was fast,” Tim Currier said about how his Perfect Fit/Northstar Business Center/Currier Construction/Currier Plastics/No.10. was a rocket.

“I was hoping we weren’t going to go too many more laps as you can see the steam coming out. The engine was starting to get a little warm from being hooked up so much.”

Other winners on RFH’s Hideaway/Oswego County Today night were, Jordan Bennett, SUNY Canton Sportsman – Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models – Brenton Joy, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman – Joe Isabell and Nick Graziano, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites – John Cunningham, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints – Skip DeGroff, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

The first attempt to get the 35-Lap Modified going saw Katelyn Kane get turned around that collected Chris Hile, Adam Roberts, Jimmy Phelps and Joe August Jr. Kane, August and Hile went to the pits ending their night.

With ten-laps complete Currier and Tim Sears Jr. bolted out to a two-car breakaway race for the lead. Behind the top-two, Jim Witko Jr., Pat Ward and Larry Wight battled for third through fifth.

With Currier on the top and Sears trying other grooves the two ran bumper to bumper and side-by-side with 15-Laps showing on the lap counter. At that point Witko, Ward and Wight were closing in on the top-two.

On lap-twenty, Currier was still running a quick pace on the high side as Sears stayed with Currier trying to find a way by. Witko ran alone in third, Ward and Wight were still battling for position and Billy Decker from 18th was now part of the fight in sixth.

Suddenly exiting turn four on lap-twenty one, Sears’ shot at the win ended when he suddenly slowed pulling to the infield.

With ten-laps to go Currier was still turning quick laps on the top as he opened almost a full straightaway lead. The race everyone had their eyes on was the four-way fight between Witko, Wight, Ward and Decker.

Over the remaining laps and no cautions to bunch the field up, Currier pulled away for his first Fulton Speedway win. The race for second through fifth was a good one right to the checkers that saw Witko, Decker, Wight and Ward come across the line in a tight pack.

Joe Kline would lead the opening lap of the 25-Lap SUNY Canton Feature. Behind Kline on the same lap, Gary Hoppins would spin at the exit of turn four in front of the field. Amazing driving skills would see everyone get around Hoppins with no contact.

On the restart Jordan Bennett would take advantage of the bite on the top of the speedway to be scored the new leader.

The yellow would fly on lap-six when Nick Krause clipped one of the infield tires folding his front end.

On lap-ten Bennett was cruising out front running the cushion as Nick Webb and Ron Davis ran in Bennett’s tire tracks trying to close in. Joe Kline ran fourth and Chris Hulsizer fifth.

With ten-laps to go Bennett was still turning fast laps as he started to catch the back of the field. Webb, Davis, Hulsizer and Jeremy Pitcher who started 13th showed on the scoring tower.

On lap-twenty-three, Webb who was running third, spun in turn four. This would erase the lead Bennett had setting up a dash to the checkers.

Over the last two-laps Bennett was a man on a mission determined to erase the mechanical gremlins that had bit him while having victory in sight. He would stay glued to the top and drove away for the win. Ron Davis III, last week’s feature winner Mike Button, Chris Hulsizer and Jeremy Pitcher finished second through fifth.

In the 20-Lap NAPA Late Model feature, Sean Beardsley would lead the opening two laps before Rick Miller took over the top spot on lap-three.

On lap-nine Larry Wight looked like he was shot out of a cannon riding the cushion exiting turn four into the lead. In traffic Wight and Miller would swap the lead back and forth over the next couple laps before Wight opened a couple car length lead.

The yellow flag would wave with three-laps to go setting up a dash to the finish. Wight, Tim Sears Jr. and Miller would put on a show where they would race three wide at different points on the speedway. At the checkers the tight finish showed Wight, Sears and Miller one, two and three at the line. Alan Fink and Sean Beardsley showed fourth and fifth.

At the post race weigh-in, Wight was found underweight awarding the win to Sears.

At the start of the 2014 racing season Brenton Joy had no racing experience at all. Joy is a quick leaner as he grabbed his second E&V Energy Novice Sportsman feature win Saturday. Ricky Yelle, Amy Holland, Mike Taylor and Trevor Lindsey finished second through fifth in the exciting 15-Lap main.

Nick Graziano would lead the opening four-laps of the 15-Lap Pro Race Car Mod Lite Feature. On lap-five, Sterling Miller would show his horsepower going from fourth to the lead.

Over the second half of the race, Miller running the top and Joe Isabell the bottom would put on a great side-by-side race that saw Isabell take the lead for good on lap-twelve for his sixth Brewerton/Fulton Speedways combined win. Nick Graziano was impressive finishing fifth being the Spec/Stock winner.

Fan favorite Skip DeGroff grabbed the win in the 15-Lap Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinder Feature. Point leader Justin Buske, Tim Dunn, Chuck Powelczyk and Mark Johnston chased DeGroff across the line.

John Cunningham showed the way in the A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints picking up his third win of 2014 over Doug Crews and John Thayer.

Next Saturday, June 28th the Fulton Speedway will not be racing so families can spend time with their High School graduates on graduation weekend.

When racing returns on July 5th there will be thunder on the track and fireworks in the sky as round two of the “Wings & Warriors” Series comes to the “High Banks.” This must-see show will feature the methanol eating, clay slinging, Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints on day four of the SUNY Canton CNY Speedweek. To up the excitement level the 800 Horsepower, ground pounding Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds will be in action. SUNY Canton Sportsman/ NAPA Late Models and E&V Energy Novice Sportsman will add to a great night of racing. To end the night, all attention will turn to above the speedway for a huge fireworks display.

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(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT DIRTcar MODIFIEDS 35 LAPS) – (10) TIM CURRIER, (24) Jim Witko Jr., (91) Billy Decker, (99L) Larry Wight, (42p) Pat Ward, (62s) Tom Sears Jr., (99J) Jimmy Phelps, (3CM) Chris Mackey, (99B) Chuck Bower, (3) Ryan Phelps, (15) Matt Fink, (85) Dan Vauter, (02) Roy Bresnahan, (X) Chad Phelps, (63) Adam Roberts, (55) Matt Hulsizer, (3E) Tim Schneider Jr., (82s) Roy Shields, (8R) Rob Bellinger, (83x) Tim Sears Jr., (38) Tim Harris, (2k) Katelyn Kane, (88) Joe August Jr., (5H) Chris Hile.

($50 Power Seal Asphalt Sealer Lucky Draw) – Tim Sears Jr.

(OMNI SERVICES HEAT WINNERS) – Tim Sears Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Larry Wight.

(SUNY CANTON SPORTSMAN 20 LAPS) – (06J) JORDAN BENNETT (32R) Ron Davis III, (80x) Mike Button, (88) Chris Hulsizer, (14) Jeremy Pitcher, (0) Tony Finch II, (JVS1) Jim Spano, (87) Rocco Leone, (19J) Joe Kline, (18) Brandon Ford, (1S) Beth Schneider, (31) Corey Barker, (33) Jason Occhino, (112) James Carlson, (16) Earl Rudy, (59) Gregg Kimball, (27w) Nick Webb, (00W) Wade Chrisman, (33x) Gary Hoppins, (21B) Josh Blackwell, (T82) Taylor Lamb, (99) Billy Clark Jr., (24K) Nick Krause, DNS (06W) Justin Crisafulli.

($50 Power Seal Asphalt Sealer Lucky Draw) – Earl Rudy.

(DNQ) – (4) Austin Murphy, (57H) Rocky Grosso, (3x) Jeff Hunter, (15) Todd Root.

(NAPA LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – (83x) TIM SEARS JR., (33x) Rick Miller, (28*) Alan Fink, (46) Sean Beardsley, (76) Brandon Ford, (98B) Kevan Cook, (9K) AJ Kingsley, (24) Scott Ford, (10T) Dave Talbot, (12x) Steve Coit, (95) Aron Backus, (515) Tim Murphy, (160) Johnny Hill, *(99L) Larry Wight.* – * Post race weight infraction.

(E&V ENERGY NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS) – (18J) BRENTON JOY, (52) Ricky Yelle, (FIVE) Amy Holland, (2) Mike Taylor, ( 121x) Trevor Lindsey, (17) Steve Jones, (06) Joe Buonagurio, (9) Brett Draper, (42H) Kyle Hulsizer, (10) Taylor Jackson, (33)Mike Parkhurst, (06w) Dorian Wahdan.

(PRO RACE CARS MOD LITES 15 LAPS) – (6) JOE ISABELL, (15) Sterling Miller, (7J) Jeff Isabell Jr., (2) Alan Fink, (11) Nick Graziano, (39) Sam Usborne, (17D) Tom Juhl, (29) Lowell Zehr, (14x) Mike Larose, (23) Rick Demo, (4)Jeff Blackburn, (06) MikeMullen, (29T) Jeff Sykes, (08) Cody Fleming, (33) Dave Brown, (9) Tim Cady, (03A) Matt Rainville.

(OPEN) – (6) Joe Isabell (SPEC/STOCK) – (11) Nick Graziano.

(A-VERDI STORAGE CONTAINERS 305 SPRINTS 15 LAPS) – (J27) JOHN CUNNINGHAM, (27D) Doug Crews, (99J) John Thayer.

(HILTON’S AUTOMOTIVE FOUR CYLINDERS 15 LAPS) – (6) SKIP DEGROFF, (21) Justin Buske, (96T) Tim Dunn, (17) Chuck Powelczyk, (2K) Mark Johnston, (106) Keith Zirbel, (18) Sam Curcie, (3D) David Denova, (3) Colby Herzog, (16) Steve Raymo, (17D) Dan Dupra, (30) Sam Carista, (4) Jerry Curcie Jr.