DA: No Evidence Of Human Remains At Rice Road Site

The Oswego County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office have concluded their investigation at the property on Rice Road in the Town Of Mexico.

While there was no reliable evidence indicating the property was related to the abduction of Heidi Allen, we conducted a thorough and exhaustive search of the property, the district attorney said.

The Sheriff’s Department devoted considerable resources to this search and made every effort to discover and recover any remains that may have been there. There is no evidence that any human remains are or ever were at that site.

The Sheriff’s Department worked openly and collaboratively with the District Attorney’s Office, the Onondaga County Medical Examiners office, and the New York State Police–this truly was a multi-agency effort to find the truth.

Early this morning (July 31), the County Highway Department brought equipment to the site to help us dig.  Ultimately, the search area was approximately 20 feet by 30 feet, and we dug to a depth of approximately 4.5 feet.  Across the site, the ground was intact and undisturbed below the surface; there was no indication that anyone had ever buried anything in the area.

Although a K-9 indicated at a spot on the property earlier this week, there is no physical evidence that remains were ever there. While the K-9 handler advised that the dog alerted at a spot, the handler also told us that the conditions were less than ideal for an accurate search.

In news reports earlier this week, it was mentioned that it appeared that the site had recently been searched.  Through its investigation, the Sheriff’s Department identified a local couple who admitted that they were looking through the site after reading recent news reports.  There is no reason to believe the couple is in any way associated with Heidi Allen’s abduction.

The District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department would like to thank the Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office, the New York State Police, and the Oswego County Highway Department for their assistance and cooperation throughout this week.

Further, we would like to thank the local residents who made their properties available to our departments so that we could conduct this investigation.  We remind the public that the search site is private property, and individuals who go to the site are trespassing.  We ask that everyone please respect the property rights and privacy of those who live in the area.

If anyone has any information related to Heidi Allen’s case, we ask that you please contact the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department so that all leads may be properly investigated.  Investigations need to be handled by trained law enforcement officials who are in a possession to process and collect evidence.  Private individuals should not attempt to independently investigate any site or structure, as they may alter or destroy evidence.

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  1. I can’t imagine what Heidi’s family is going through, all I can say is my heart goes to her family and friends. Lisa B. Love you

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