DA Oakes Announces Re-Election Bid

OSWEGO, NY – Gregory Oakes has announced that he is seeking a second term as Oswego County District Attorney.

Oakes, who has served as a prosecutor in the county since 2001, was first elected District Attorney in 2011.

Since taking office, District Attorney Oakes has enhanced the prosecution of felony cases while working with the courts to move those cases more efficiently.

DA Oakes has taken a tougher stance on violent offenders and repeat felons, creating more accountability and stronger consequences.

Since 2012, the DA’s Office has prosecuted an average of 314 felony cases per year in County Court, compared to an average of 218 cases in the three years prior to Oakes taking office.

District Attorney Oakes believes his office has a special obligation to protect the county’s most vulnerable victims and has made prosecuting crimes against children a priority.

Prior to Oakes taking office, misdemeanor sexual assaults were handled by whichever prosecutor was assigned to the local court.

Now, all sex offenses are handled by two full-time prosecutors who have received specialized training in this area.

Oakes says the new approach is better for victims and creates greater uniformity.

District Attorney Oakes worked with local police agencies to reinstate a countywide drug task force to address the growing drug problem in this state.

The drug task force works out of the DA’s Office and is comprised of three DA investigators and other local law enforcement officers.

“By sharing information and resources, we are able to better identify dealers and remove them – and the poison they distribute – from our community,” Oakes said.

In response to the task force’s success, the U.S. Border Patrol will be assigning an agent to work with the force later this year, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently assigned a liaison.

Keeping his campaign promise from four years ago, District Attorney Oakes has vigorously prosecuted cases of welfare fraud, making offenders pay back the money they wrongfully took.

As part of his fiscally conservative approach, Oakes hired a part-time prosecutor to focus on welfare fraud and paid for the full position by making cuts within his own budget.  Oakes believes the welfare fraud initiative received bipartisan support in the legislature because it made sense, both financially and as a matter of policy.

Oakes said that he is humbled to have received the unanimous endorsement of the Oswego County Republican party, but noted, “I am here to represent and protect everyone. My only goal is justice.”

Consistent with this approach, District Attorney Oakes worked with county legislators from both sides of the aisle to create an appeals program that helps defend convictions and allows his office to focus on new cases.

Oakes remarked, “When we work together, the citizens of this county win.”

District Attorney Oakes is a lifelong resident of Oswego County.

He resides in Parish with his wife and two sons.

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  1. Could we get rid of the fascists please? They go raid a music festival in Sterling, the one place where like-minded people who just want to celebrate existence could actually gather in this area and be free for a weekend. This is what happens when you elect extreme right-wing Republicans to high office. Whereas the energy in the rest of the country is toward relaxing drug laws, legalizing marijuana and so forth, here in Stone Age Oswego County, fiefdom of the Barclay aristocracy and their local Good Ole’ Boy collaborators, we get a completely gratuitous police “operation” targeting hippies. Please tell me we’re not going to re-elect Fascism.


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