Dancer-Presenter To Display Evolution Of Gesture As Storytelling Technique

OSWEGO — Dancer and college professor Ligia Pinheiro will present a free lecture-demonstration on “Telling Tales Through Dance” March 25, at SUNY Oswego.

Illustrating the changing meaning of gesture in dance history, Pinheiro, associate professor of theatre and dance at Wittenberg University in Ohio, will appear at 3 p.m. in the Sheldon Hall ballroom.

Pinheiro’s presentation, following SUNY Oswego’s fall-to-spring theme of “Telling Tales,” will highlight how gesture and narrative are innate to dance and its history, and how dance has been used as a narrative medium through the ages.

Juan La Manna, associate professor of music at SUNY Oswego, will accompany Pinheiro on piano.

“This will show how the language of dance has changed from the 1700s to about the 1930s, with both a lecture and dances to illustrate,” La Manna said. “It should be very interesting.”

Pinheiro will use slides of lithographs, photographs, drawings, paintings, and notation scores to show stories about dance history and the changing meaning of gesture. She will perform dance methods from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and modern eras, showcasing the changing artistic style beginning in the 18th century.

Musical selections will include Handel’s “Water Music,” excerpts from Schubert’s “Impromptus Op. 90,” and pieces by Brahms, Debussy and Faure.

Parking is free in campus lots for those attending this event.