Deadlocked: Hung Jury Ends Pauldine Trial Without Verdict

OSWEGO, NY – For the second day in a row, the jury in the Anthony M. Pauldine sexual abuse case sent a note to the judge indicating that they were deadlocked.

On Thursday, Oswego City Court Judge James Metclaf charged the jurors to return to deliberations.

Today, he accepted their claim that they couldn’t come to an  unanimous decision.

The four-woman, two-man jury was excused this afternoon after about 12 hours of deliberating over two days.

Pauldine was charged Oct. 26, 2009, with third-degree sexual abuse (a class B misdemeanor) and endangering the welfare of a child (a class A misdemeanor).

He allegedly subjected the boy, who was less than 17 years of age, to sexual contact on or about Oct. 18, 2009.

Now after a week-long trial, his situation is in limbo.

His attorney, Anthony DiMartino, said he was “Very disappointed” in the outcome.

“It’s very, very upsetting, disappointing, whatever word you want to fill in the blank with,” he said.

There will now be a new pre-trial conference and depending on the disposition of the people (DA’s office), “We may try the case all over again,” he added.

A teary eyed Pauldine left the courtroom with =out making any comment.

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