Democratic Members of Oswego County Legislature`s Independent Reform Caucus Object to ‘Politics as Usual’ attitude at County Treasurer’s Office

The Bi-Partisan Minority Conference in the Oswego County Legislature suggests replacing a “temporary” employee. Last Year when Mark See (the county’s Chief Accountant) decided to retire after more than a quarter century of service, it was our hope that his replacement would be just as qualified and competent. He or she had some big shoes to fill.

Instead, history has repeated itself and very quickly.

In the Spring of 2013, former GOP County Chairman Fred Beardsley was selected for the County Treasurer`s job even though his qualifications and other important issues were questionable. Despite all the applications that were submitted in the months that followed after Mr. See`s departure, in the Summer of 2014, Robin McMillen, Treasurer for the Oswego County Republican Committee at the time of her hire, was selected to fill the open position on an interim basis.

Since this was not a job that required Legislative approval, Beardsley and the powers-that-be were able to insert her into the role despite her “coincidental” role with her party.

This action made us question if the best person for this $75,000 a year job was chosen and whether an honest search was ever conducted.

In order for her to remain in this position permanently, she had to take a civil service exam and finish in the top three.

That did not happen.

From what we understand, what then took place was that she took the test and did not finish in the top three.

Unfortunately, there were only two applicants that passed. Since three applicants are legally required from a list to choose from, that created a situation where there weren’t enough possibilities to move forward and the role is still officially “unfilled.”

Had there been three people who took the exam and passed, then one of those three would have to been chosen and Ms. McMillen would no longer be in that office. Instead, she is still there because of this “bizarre technicality.”

She is able to continue on as a temporary chief accountant in the Treasurer’`s Office despite not possessing the necessary skills (according to the exam she took) and a questionable hiring in the first place.

This is extremely insulting to the taxpayers of this county! The Independent Reform Caucus does not object to Ms. McMillen because of her political party registration, because the man she is seeking to replace was also a Republican and fulfilled his duties admirably in that position during the entire time that he was there.

We would prefer that someone else, preferably an applicant who passed the exam, be hired in a provisional basis until the county has the required three top exam takers in order to select a permanent replacement for Mark See.

The people of Oswego County deserve better.

The Democratic Members of this caucus include Mike Kunzwiler – Oswego City, Doug Malone – Oswego Town, Amy Tresidder -Oswego City, Jake Mulcahey – Oswego City, Dan Farfaglia – Fulton, Granby, Minetto and Oswego Town, Frank Castiglia – Fulton, Marie Schadt – Oswego Town and City, Minetto.