Democrats Endorse Sweet, Terpening

To the editor:

We are encouraged and excited to announce that the two following, outstanding individuals, have been chosen for endorsement and support for the upcoming elections in November of this year by The Democratic Committee Of Oswego County, and unanimously endorsed by the undersigned Minority Legislators of the Oswego County Legislature.

Susan Sweet has been endorsed for the Office of Oswego County Clerk. Susan is a lifelong resident of Oswego County and has worked for the County for 28 years in the land and civil/criminal court records section of the County Clerks Office. She has also served her community as an Oswego City Common Council member, as Chairperson for the Oswego City Zoning Board of Appeals. Also, she chaired the Downtown Parking and Human Services Committee and had much success mitigating citizen grievances. She has also served as a union officer for the CSEA Local 838, both as the Treasurer and in contract negotiations and conflict resolution. As a result of this service and experience she has gained great respect from her peers and the community at large as a compassionate, strong, dedicated leader. Her abilities cannot be underestimated for leadership, creative problem solving, integrity, and knowledge. Susan has also served as a youth advocate, is an active member of St. Mary’s Church, and served as a member on the Bishop’s Diocesan Pastoral Council as a commissioned youth minister. Sue advocates recognizing and rewarding the military veterans in the county with a Veteran Discount Card Program issued through the County Clerks Office to bring discounts and services to honorably discharged Vets from participating merchants and vendors in Oswego County. She also believes county services can become more accessible through satellite mobile offices and extended hours using personnel and facilities more efficiently. Sue is uniquely and intensely qualified in the County Clerks Office and is capable of taking the department to a new better and higher level of integrity and service to all of the residents of Oswego County and at a cost savings to those residents without increasing the budget to County Taxpayers.

Ellery Terpening has been endorsed for the position of Oswego County Sheriff. Ellery is a lifelong resident of Oswego County and has worked in law enforcement for 30 years. Ellery is a dedicated public servant that believes that the Sheriff’s Department should be returned to the people that are entitled to it; the citizens of Oswego County; He believes that the department should be responsive to the needs of the people. He knows that with his longtime management in law enforcement he can provide a proactive, forward thinking, countywide agency that is more properly equipped to handle current law enforcement issues and problems. His expertise in fiscal management and grant writing will be strong assets in these troubling economic times that we are currently enduring. He knows that he will have the ability to discover those grant funds that have been either underutilized or overlooked. Ellery is also well experienced in human resource management and believes that the Sheriff’s personnel can be more effectively managed for County coverage and responsiveness to calls and emergencies. He is a career long proponent of the DARE program and a supporter of its continuing success and outreach efforts in the fight against youth involvement with drugs. Ellery is convinced that he can restore the quality of life, and pride in service that most citizens of Oswego County believe have been recently lost, and all without raising taxes on County residents.

With pride and best regards,

Michael Kunzwiler, 18th District
Douglas Malone, 20th District
Amy Tresidder, 16th District
Jacob Mulcahey, 15th District