Deuces & Crows Land in Victory Lane at Oswego

By – Chris Porter
Photos – Jim Feeney

Sets of teammates shared victory in each division at the Oswego Speedway on Saturday night. It was the first one-two finish for both racing teams and a pair of victories that resonated wins that were twice as sweet.

Fulton’s David Gruel guided his Double-Deuce Racing No. 50 to victory for his second career Novelis supermodified win. Chasing Gruel all the way, Oswego’s Pat Lavery, who drove Double-Deuce’s No. 22 machine to a second-place finish.

In the Pathfinder Bank Small Block Supermodified division, Weedsport’s Andrew Scharter pocketed his fifth career win aboard the Crow Motorsports No. 18. Right behind Scharter, teammate Kreig Heroth, piloting the team’s No. 44 car to the runner-up position.

Gruel poses after winning his second career supermodified feature at Oswego

Gruel led every step of the way. Coming from the third starting position, Gruel inched out Andy Noto to lead the first circuit of the 50-lap main event. Lavery moved under Noto and into second the next time by. Though chased closely much of the way by his teammate, Gruel would never see another driver’s wheel aside his supermodified the rest of the night.

“The car was phenomenal,” Gruel said. “I can’t say enough about this Double Deuce Racing team, my teammate Pat Lavery. I’m enjoying the win, but I’m enjoying it just as much because we finished one-two.”

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Schartner started aside his teammate on the outside of the third row. The third-year driver was fourth after completing lap No. 1. He won a hard-fought battle with Fulton’s Jack Patrick to take over the third position early on, before slipping under Jason Simmons for second.

Schartner was inching under early race leader Barry Kingsley on the 10th lap, but the two touched. Kingsley’s No. 23 spun while Schartner and his No. 18 were able to continue on. The next 20 laps were all Schartner. Heroth was able work his way by Patrick to take over second with seven laps remaining to make it a one-two Crow Motorsports finish.

Andrew Schartner poses in victory lane after winning Saturday night's small block super feature at Oswego

“That’s awesome,” Schartner said of he and his teammate finishing first and second. “To be able to get both of our team up there and get a really good finish for Tom (Aaserud). Kreig is really starting to come alive here. You’re going to see him grab a win here pretty shortly.”

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Noto and Dan Connors, Jr. led the field to the green to start the supermodified main. Noto nabbed the early lead, but Gruel was there to steal it away by the time the duo completed their maiden voyage around Oswego’s fast five-eights mile. Lavery, Dave McKnight and Connors rounded out the top five.

Lavery put Noto back to third on lap No. 2 putting the Double Deuce Racing duo out in front for good. McKnight and Joe Gosek bounced Noto’s No. 48 back to fourth on the sixth lap, while Ray Graham, Jr. put him out of the top five the next time around.

The field had spread evenly as the 10th lap entered the books. Gruel continued to set the pace, with Lavery, McKnight, Gosek and Graham filling out the top five. Randy Ritskes, Tim Snyder, Connors, Otto Sitterly and Joey Payne completed the top 10.

The first caution flag flew after Connors shut his No. 01 supermodified down going into the first turn. It coasted to stop on the back straightaway.

Gruel held his ground as the field went back to racing on the 18th lap. McKnight took a look to the inside of Lavery’s No. 22 the next time around, but couldn’t find enough car to make anything stick.

Sitterly, who seemed to be the only car able to make a pass attempt stick during the race, shot underneath Snyder’s No. 0 for seventh place on the 23rd lap. Two quick cautions later, The leader board remained unchanged.

After tussling with Ritskes for many laps, Sitterly fought his way around opening night’s feature winner for the sixth spot.

Gruel (50) leads Lavery (22) and McKnight (08) with 14 laps to go

Up front, Gruel continued to lead a train of supers around the speedway. McKnight took another look under Lavery with 10 to go, but nothing was to be found.

A late-race spin off of turn No. 4 by Bob Bond tightened up the field once again. However, it was Double Deuce Racing’s night. Though Sitterly was able to nip Graham down low for fifth behind them, the No. 50 and No. 22 cars took the checkered flag to complete the team sweep.

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McKnight completed the podium finishers, racing the Gary Syrell-owned No. 08 to a third-place run.

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The defending track champ was able to knock off a position here and there during the night en route to finishing fifth. Sitterly was happy just to be able to finish all 50 laps this week and get back on track from his outing on opening night.

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Price Chopper/Supercuts Super 50:
1. Dave Gruel (50), 2. Pat Lavery (22), 3. Dave McKnight (08), 4. Joe Gosek (00), 5. Otto Sitterly (7), 6. Ray Graham, Jr. (90), 7. Randy Ritskes (88), 8. Tim Snyder (0), 9. Joey Payne (99), 10. Cody Graham (21), 11. Jerry Curran (24), 12. Dave Danzer (52), 13. Michael Muldoon (20), 14. Stephen Gioia, III (9), 15. Keith Gilliam (87), 16. Bob Bond (25), 17. Craig Rayvals (94), 18. Brian Sobus (79), 19. Andy Noto (48), 20. Dan Connors, Jr. (01), 21. Guard Nearbin (78), 22. Steve Abt (85)

Heat race wins went to Gosek, McKnight and Lavery.

Small Block Supers

Kingsley and Cameron Rowe paced the field to start the 30-lap SBS feature event. Kingsley darted out in front, with Jason Simmons, Patrick, Schartner and Rowe holding the top five at the completion of lap No. 1.

Lap No. 3 saw Mike Bond take to the high side of Heroth’s No 44. The two fought side-by side as they  approached the Rowe No. 77 at the beginning of lap No. 4. Bond stayed high, while Heroth dove low as the trio raced into the first turn three-abreast.

Heroth was able to clear both the No. 77 and Bond on the inside. Clearing Rowe, Bond cut back across the track to the inside, but caught the front-end of the Mike Bruce No. 22. The contact resulted in Bruce getting a little bit of air-time and quite a bit of damage. Bond’s No. 26 suffered significant damage as well. The end result sidelined last week’s race winner (Bond) and fourth-place finisher (Bruce) for the rest of the night.

Kingsley led Simmons, Patrick, Schartner and Rowe back to racing. Behind him, Schartner ducked under Patrick for third. Patrick fought back as the two raced side-by-side behind the Simmons No. 98. Just behind them, Heroth was clearing Rowe for fifth.

After Schartner took third from Patrick, the two worked their way underneath Simmons in turn No. 1. Heroth soon followed to take over fourth.

Schartner chased Kingsley for a lap, before moving to the inside of the race leader on the 10th lap, heading into the first turn. Kingsley’s No. 23 moved down just enough to catch the front-end of Schartner’s No. 18. The No. 23 spun while Schartner escaped down low.

Kingsley was able to restart, but had to relinquish the lead. Race officials decided that Schartner’s inside move did not precipitate any penalty because he was only holding his ground and was far enough under the No. 23. The call was big as it allowed Schartner to take over the top spot, where he would remain the rest of the race.

Once atop the field, Schartner was virtually untouchable. He soon rattled off the fastest lap of the race, 19.340. It was nearly two tenths quicker than his closest competition, teammate Heroth, who was able to slip past Patrick on lap No. 23.

A few cautions while Schartner was in the lead tightened things up, but only momentarily. Rookie Dave LaTulip saw a fine seventh-place run come to an end after getting tapped from behind on lap No. 12. Dennis Rupert’s No. 99 also had some help in a spin on the white flag lap.

Heroth was pleased with his runner-up finish, especially having run second to fellow Crow Motorsports driver, Schartner.

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Patrick had a good run come to an end last weekend, but was able to back it up with another strong showing. He landed his No. 9 in third.

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Price Chopper/Supercuts SBS 30:
1. Andrew Schartner (18), 2. Kreig Heroth (44), 3. Jack Patrick (9), 4. David Cliff (79), 5. Tim Barbeau (50), 6. Mark Castiglia (90), 7. Rob Pullen (2), 8. A.J. Bernys (24), 9. Barry Kingsley (23), 10. Brian Osetek (00), 11. Dennis Rupert (99), 12. Will Hadcock (43), 13. Jason Simmons (98), 14. Dave LaTulip (27), 15. Cameron Rowe (77), 16. Mike Bond (26), 17. Mike Bruce (22)

Rowe and Patrick won the two SBS heat races.