Director: Boycott Would Hurt Festival, Wouldn’t Benefit Strikers

By Nicholas Cafalone, Contributing Writer
OSWEGO, NY –  IBEW Local 97 posted on their Facebook account recently asking for a boycott of the Barenaked Ladies performance at Harborfest.

Since July 9, IBEW Local 97 members have been on strike from their posts at Constellation Energy Nuclear Group’s Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station due to contract issues.

the Barenaked Ladies
the Barenaked Ladies

In an effort to raise awareness of the strike, IBEW Local 97 has asked for a boycott of Harborfest’s Friday night performance by the Barenaked Ladies because Constellation Energy Nuclear Group sponsors their performance.

A post on the union’s Facebook account stated, “PLEASE Boycott the stage that Constellation is sponsoring at the Harborfest. The Barenaked Ladies are a Union band and have been made aware of the strike at nine mile. We are still hoping for them to cancel”

Harborfest Executive Director Tom Van Schaack is supportive of the union’s efforts but does not want to see his organization’s event affected negatively.

“We are a non-profit organization that puts on a free festival and Constellation is just one of several major sponsors we have.  There are hundreds of supporters not just Constellation,” said Van Schaack.

“We respect both sides and hope people on both sides will support the festival because it is a community event, not because of one sponsorship,” added Van Schaack. “It would only hurt Harborfest; it doesn’t help or hurt their negotiations with their parent company.”

Union representatives declined comment for this article.

In addition to the Barenaked Ladies’ performance July 29 at the Lakeview Stage in Breitbeck Park there will be numerous other events happening throughout the weekend, including Pink Floyd cover band The Machine will play the night before.

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  1. Not going to happen….. Harborfest is a great time. That show is usually the most fun night of them all!

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