Discipline Part Of Fitzhugh Park Student Agenda

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OSWEGO, NY – “Community Connections” are important for the Oswego City School District.

Recently, Leo Pryor of Tae Kwon Do America connected with students and staff of the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School as he visited the east side building.

Carrie Gilbert displays her ability during tae kwon do exercises
Carrie Gilbert displays her ability during tae kwon do exercises as the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School. Leo Pryor from Tae Kwon Do America visited the school as part of the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports program.

Social Worker Chalet Dewey-Flint said, “Mr. Pryor had read about our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports program and he wanted to support the effort.”

Principal Linda Doty explained, “The students became aware of Mr. Pryor during the district wide Wellness Day. He was interest in continuing the community connection and came to Fitzhugh Park.”

She continued, “Tae Kwon Do involves discipline and discipline is involved in completing school work and other related activities. The sport also encourages students to take pride in what they are doing and to do the right things.”

Students from every grade level had the opportunity to spend a class period running through various disciplines.

Part of the PBIS program allows students to earn rewards.

Every child at Fitzhugh Park Elementary school wears a “passport.”

When they are found being respectful, responsible, a problem solver or being safe they can get a signature.

After they earn several signatures they can go to the school store and turn in their passport for various prizes.

Pryor told the students, “If you are successful in earning a prize I will allow you to participate in some of our tae kwon do classes as no charge.”

This opportunity of a small number of free classes will allow students to gain further respect and discipline while at the same time earning a reward for  “doing the right things.”