Divisi Children’s Choir of Spain performs in Fulton

FULTON, NY – All the way from Valencia, Spain, the Divisi Children’s Choir performed at Fulton Alliance Church on Tuesday night.

“We’re so glad to have all of you here,” said Bob Westin who welcomed the choir to Fulton on behalf of Mayor Ron Woodward and the Common Council.

Sofia and Raquel hail from Spain, but visit family in Oswego County.
Sofia and Raquel hail from Spain, but visit family in Oswego County.

The choir is currently touring through Washington DC, New York City and Boston, but made sure to pay a visit to Fulton.

Two of the choralists, Sofia and Raquel Genoves, are daughters of a former Fulton resident, Renee Rice.

Their grandparents, Richard and Joyce Rice, still live in Fulton. So, the girls sometimes visit during summer vacation when they aren’t jet-setting with the choir.

“Last year we went to Vienna, Budapest, Austria and Hungary,” said Raquel.

“I liked the trip we made to Macedonia,” added Sofia.

During their visit to Upstate New York, the choir took a boat tour up in the Thousand Islands, played mini golf and checked out some of the attractions at Destiny USA.

“Normally we just sing a lot so we don’t really see anything,” said Raquel. “But on this trip we did see a lot of stuff.”

Both of the girls have been involved with the choir for at least six years.

The Divisi Children's Choir performs a version of Ave Maria.
The Divisi Children’s Choir performs a version of Ave Maria.

“I started nine years ago,” said Sofia when asked how long she’s been singing.

Because Sofia sang at home all the time, her mother asked around until she found a good academy for her daughter to join.

She’s been a member of Divisi Children’s Choir ever since.

“I started music, piano and stuff, when I was 7,” said Raquel. She joined the choir because they practiced at the same location as her piano lessons and she thought it looked fun.

Even after travelling all over the world the girls agree the best part of being members of the choir is the friends they’ve made along the way.

“You get to know all these people and befriend them,” said Sofia.