Do This Today: The Oswego County Fair

It’s day two of the Oswego County Fair, taking place at the Fairgrounds in Sandy Creek. Tonight’s highlight is a fireworks display, but one of the day’s main attractions is pictured below, in a photo borrowed from the Fair’s website: The youth talent show.

<br />File photo courtesy of the Oswego County Fair.
File photo courtesy of the Oswego County Fair.

Today’s schedule:

It’s Grange Day

9am Talent Show
10am Beef Show
11am Skillet Throwing Contest
11am Out of Field Tractor Pulls
12pm Magic of Virgil
12:45 Pogo Dudes
1:30 Children’s Saw Dust Hunt 12 & Under
2pm Culinary Arts Demonstration
2:30pm Magic of Virgil
3:15pm Pogo Dudes
4pm Sheep Show
6pm Demolition Derby
7pm Magic of Virgil
7:45pm Pogo Dudes