Domino’s in Fulton and Oswego Recognized for Outstanding Service

SYRACUSE, NY – When you think of quality pizza and customer service, think of your local Domino’s stores. Domino’s stores, located at 316 W. Second St. in Fulton and 60 SW Ninth St. in Oswego, were recently recognized for their outstanding operation, perfect pizza making and quality of customer service as part of Domino’s Operations Evaluations Report program.

“We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of store operation and customer satisfaction,” said Tom Matweecha, Fulton and Oswego Domino’s franchise owner. “Our goal is to make great-tasting, quality pizza without taking shortcuts. It is very exciting for our teams to be recognized by Domino’s.”

The Fulton and Oswego stores were evaluated under Domino’s OER program, designed to ensure customers the highest level of quality and service. To assure flawless operation, the rating system provides comprehensive feedback to franchisees and Domino’s.

“Maintaining high standards within Domino’s involves running the finest stores in the pizza industry and delivering the best product to every consumer who orders from our stores,” said Matweecha. “We feel honored to receive such great recognition.”

This is the Fulton’s store third five-star OER rating in a row, and the Oswego’s store second consecutive five-star OER rating.