Don Gardner, Bob Gardner, Kyler Gardner

Three generations of firefighters
Three generations of firefighters

Three Generations of Firefighters

Firefighting is a trend in the Gardner family of Fulton, N.Y. This trend began fifty years ago, when Don Gardner became a full-time member of the Fulton Fire Department. During this time, Don also volunteered at the Cody Fire Department in Granby. In the early seventies, he was named Chief of Cody. Three decades after beginning his career with the Fulton Fire Department, Don retired with the title of Assistant Chief. Don remains a life member of Cody.

Don’s son, Bob Gardner, followed in his footsteps. Bob began volunteering at the Cody Fire Department at the age of sixteen as a Jr. firefighter. He became a full member in 1979, and served as captain and lieutenant various times throughout the years. Soon after, he went on to obtain a full-time position at the Fulton Fire Department as well. This year marks Bob’s twenty-sixth year at Fulton.

Now, the cycle begins again as Kyler Gardner, son of Bob, starts to volunteer at Cody. Last September, Kyler attended his first class of the Firefighter One program. A class is held every Wednesday night, and some Saturday training is included. The program provides prospective members, like Kyler, with lecture as well as hands-on experience. Kyler is set to graduate from fire training in March.