DOT Seeks Public Input On Route 104 Project

OSWEGO, NY – For the most part, the proposed widening of Route 104 East between George Street and Kocher Road looks fine.

However, for one homeowner, it could mean traffic right under his nose at the dinner table.

Joe Trenca lives almost directly across from the Lowe’s western driveway. The construction of the home improvement center cut into his property, he said.

They took down many of his trees and tore up his driveway and lawn, he said.

Now, he fears the proposed Route 104 project, will cut into his property even more.

Route 104 Project_Joe Trenca
Route 104 East resident Joe Trenca explains his position to a member of the DOT’s team on Wednesday.

“Lowes took half of my front yard,” Trenca said. “If they widen it any more, they’re going to be in my kitchen! They just spent to put in a new driveway and trees for me – and now they’re going to take all that stuff out?”

Trenca made his feelings known Wednesday afternoon at an open house held by the State Department of Transportation. The DOT was seeking input from the community regarding the project and answering questions as best they could.

The input received will be an important part of the development of the project, according to Cindy Bell, the DOT project engineer.

The project is being developed to address traffic safety and operation needs along Route 104 between George Street and Kocher Road in the City of Oswego and the Town of Scriba, she explained.

“I want to know how much further they’re coming,” Trenca said of the widening project.  “I’m the only one that lives up there. So I’m the one who has to suffer for their big business.”

In regards to Trenca’s concerns, Bell pointed out, “This is the reason why we are having this open house. We will take everyone’s concerns into consideration as we move forward with this project.”

The project design is slated to be finished in late summer 2009 with construction scheduled in the spring of 2010.

According to Mayor Randy Bateman, the project will be paid for by the DOT.

“There is no local money involved for the project,” he said.

The objective of the project is to provide capacity and safety improvements to the roadway that will benefit the traveling public and serve the transportation needs of the community while minimizing the impact to the adjacent businesses, residences and the environment, Bell said.

It will provide an additional travel lane in each direction and a continuous center turn lane for the length of the project,

There will be curbing, sidewalks and snow storage areas (within the city) between George Street and City Line Road.

The project will also see pavement widening and resurfacing, replacement/upgrade and coordination of traffic signals, enhancements to Shampine Drive, drainage systems and signage among other improvements, Bell said.

DOT officials will review all the comments made at Wednesday’s open house. Then, they will put out a written document, which will summarize the project, Bell noted.

Everybody gets to see the document if they wish, she added.

“Then we’ll probably meet back here again for an official public hearing or another public meeting to take more input,” she said. “Today was just to present ‘what we are thinking of doing.’ It allows us to hear the comments and concerns from the public. We will give them all serious consideration.

For more information, Bell can be reached at the DOT Syracuse Regional Office at 428-3239 or at [email protected]

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  1. Now if only the state would make a bypass on 481 south around Interface, reconnecting in what is on a map almost a straight line to about where Miller Brewing Plant used to be so we wouldn’t have to deal with the blight that is Fulton’s downtown, this area would ten times better and we wouldn’t need to be jostled on their crummy streets and make it to Syracuse in under 25 minutes.

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