Doug Malone: It’s ‘Nuts’ To Vote For Republicans

To the editor;

This is an open letter to all of the residents of Oswego County. For those of you that know me, this letter probably won’t seem out of place or too different than anything else you’re used to me writing. For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Doug Malone; I am the elected Legislator from the 20th Legislative district of Oswego County, and I am a Democrat. I am one of only four Democrats on the entire Oswego County Legislature, which is made up of 25 Legislators. So you can see right there that I am a member of the Minority. However, I think that all of us in this County have some issues that must be dealt with or, in my opinion; we are going down the tubes!

Now here’s the rub. Are you people out there nuts, or what? Republican Legislatures have ruled Oswego County since it started about 160 years ago. I’m not saying that they did too bad back in the old days, but look at the fix we’re in now! We are in the middle of too many businesses going bust, and it seems like the Majority Republican Legislators don’t even care, or are even the least bit concerned about their constituents well being! Does anybody understand that we no longer live in the middle ages? This is a democracy we live in, or so I’ve been told, it is not a feudal system. Wake up Oswego County! We’ve been going downhill economically on the Republican Legislative sleigh ride for a long time! For crying out loud, wake up I tell you!

Now, try as I might, I just can’t get the taste out of my mouth about the NYPA wind power initiative that was proposed to the entire legislature earlier this year. The proposal was voted down by a 21 to 4 vote strictly along part lines. The Democrat Minority felt that it could produce jobs and sustainable employment for our residents of Oswego County. All it would have taken for this county to have the benefit of possible jobs and a move towards a more viable economy, was a simple majority vote to extend our curiosity/knowledge and look into the new technology. We were told by the Republican Majority forces in the Oswego County Legislature that we would have had to “sell our souls”, so much for the Republican Majority’s negotiating skills, to NYPA just to enter into a relationship, a relationship that probably over the long term may have been most beneficial to a large majority of the citizens of this County, so the Republican Majority voted it down. Some of the terrible things that I could envision when the Republican Majority was speaking against the Project were; legions of Kamikaze birds ready to dive bomb the towers for taking up flight space, senseless fish running into the tower foundations and foolishly spawning out in the deepest part of the lake because the towers had made them lose their minds, charter boat captains lost at sea from the adverse effects of the dreaded “windmills” and their out-of-state/area customer’s obituaries taking up an entire section in the Pall-Times, and of course last but by no means least we would have had the western horizon blackened by the infinite numbers of a dearth of whirling-whirring-wanton purveyors of demonic-disgusting-dissatisfying blight on the seascape of our birthright; Lake Ontario.

That pretty much takes care of the birds, fish, captains, fishermen and views. However, who or what will be sympathetic to, or look out for the unemployed citizens of this county? Here’s a CLUE, it won’t be the REPUBLICAN LEGISLATIVE MAJORITY!!!

While the counties in western New York, and the entire state of Ohio are “chomping at the bit” to accept and develop, and yes exploit the opportunity that wind power MAY represent. Boss Hog on the North Shore of Oneida Lake and The Wizard Of Oz up in Pulaski had their “sheep” lined up to vote against anything beneficial for the majority of citizens of Oswego County. Come on Republican Majority Legislators, don’t any of you have a backbone to do what is right for your constituents? Once again our Republican Majority has sacrificed the benefits of the many for the desires of a few. When are you citizens in this county going to smarten up and hold some Republican Legislators feet to the fire? By the way, I’ve heard that there may be trouble in paradise between Oz and Hog!

This November there are no Legislative seats coming up for vote. However, the Offices of County Clerk, County Sheriff and County Court Judge are coming up for a vote. If you are not registered, please register and VOTE. If you start by changing those three positions to constituent-friendly Democrat Endorsed Candidates, (Susan Sweet, Ellery Terpening and Dave Roman respectively), then voting for constituent-friendly Legislators in the future will be the next step. I would also like to point out that non-home owners (renters) have a huge stake in the outcome of elections because your rent is directly proportional to what your landlords have to charge you for them to stay in business, based on their expenses, including TAXES! It could cost you money-money-money if you choose not to vote!

Well, I actually kind of liked this exercise, and I do intend to write again. Some further issues that should be discussed with the public are; jobs-jobs-jobs, county employment hiring freezes, profits made from taxpayers by our County Clerk’s Office, spending controls in a really poor economy, inefficiency in the Sheriff’s office and many more too numerous to mention now. Also, I may introduce you to the Sheriff Of Nothingham next time. Give me a call; I’m in the book.

Doug Malone

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  1. It seem Mr. Barclay feels the same way, most people that have left have tried but because they won’t play the republican game would rather move on then to play thier bull—-. I have seen to many of our small businesses and familys leave this area because they won’t play the RepublicanGame. I see the Democrats doing any better Doug no investment.

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