Downtown Oswego Parking Policy Starts Jan. 1

OSWEGO, NY – The Common Council adopted the city’s new downtown parking policy at its meeting this week.

The policy was created to be a long-term solution to the parking needs of downtown, Councilor Sue Sweet, parking committee chair, said.

It’s necessary to provide adequate overnight parking in downtown parking lots for downtown residents and their guests, according to the policy statement.

Thirty-eight spots will be reserved for permanent use of residents of the downtown area.

Eight will be made available for use by guests of King Arthur’s Hotel – should the owner/manager decide to purchase the annual permits.

The others will be behind Canal Commons in front of the guardrail along the east side of the lot.

These spots will be considered permanent driveways for such residents and will be maintained for snow removal.

For those using the parking spots, the fee for each annual parking permit for the calendar year 2010 will be $25 per month, according to the policy.

“The most concentrated off-street congestion was in the municipal lot right behind Canal Commons,” Sweet said.

The committee had to look at how many parking spaces were available downtown, how were they being used and how could they be utilized more effectively, Sweet explained.

“Instead of driving around the block three or four times waiting for a space to open up,” Councilor Connie Cosemento suggested motorist could park one block away from their destination.

There are a lot of spaces just a little ways away from the heart of downtown, she added.

The policy, which takes effect Jan. 1, also covers guest parking, parking permits and other issues.

“I think you ought to do parking meters and have everybody pay to park, not just one particular section of Water Street,” Miles Becker told the councilors during the public session. “I think everybody needs to pay this. It’s money, revenue, why not bring them back?”