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September 18, 2018

Dr. Dean Goewey Appointed To ‘Dream Job’

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District Board of Education signed a contract Tuesday night with Dr. Dean Goewey – approving him as the new superintendent of the Oswego City School District.

Dr. Dean Goewey is sworn in as Oswego new superintendent of schools. Administering the oath is Karen Canale, district clerk.

Dr. Dean Goewey is sworn in as Oswego new superintendent of schools. Administering the oath is Karen Canale, district clerk.

Dr. Goewey, the former assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, takes over following the recent resignation of Superintendent Ben Halsey.

The board announced Nov. 10 that Dr. Goewey would be the new superintendent.

“I look forward to continuing to support the district’s mission, through shared vision and an educational philosophy we can all embrace.  I am honored and excited to serve the district that I grew up in as the superintendent of schools,” Dr. Goewey said last week.

Tuesday night, he was unanimously appointed to a 3.5-year term, starting  Wednesday (Nov. 18) through June 30, 2019.

His annual salary will be $153,000, retroactive effective to Oct. 26.

Dr. Goewey thanked the school board for the opportunity to work with them and the staff to continue moving the school district forward “as we move into some really difficult times.”

“I was thinking this morning about what I might say tonight; I was going to reference this as my dream job. But I think that I’m lucky enough to say that in my career, every job that I’ve had has been my dream job. Teaching kids at Kingsford (Park Elementary) was my dream job. Being principal at Riley (Elementary) and at Minetto (Elementary) they were my dream jobs,” he said. “Acting as the assistant superintendent for the last year and a half was my dream job. So, I am just fortunate to have had a career, largely in Oswego, full of dream jobs. I appreciate it.”

Following the new superintendent being sworn in, the board voted to approve a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) deal with the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station.

Payments (to the district) would be:

•    $25,534,686 – 2014-15
•    $23,000,000 – 2015-16
•    $21,000,000 – 2016-17
•    $17,000,000 – 2017-18
•    $16,605,857 – 2018-19
•    $16,605,857 – 2019-20

For a total of $119,746,400.

“I think that we worked long and hard on an agreement that the district thought was fair and equitable. There certainly are some concerns moving forward because  we made an agreement that gives us payments in lieu of taxes that are on a declining basis,” Dr. Goewey said. “We’ll have to take some bold measures to fill that gap as we go forward.”

Some budget discussions were under way even before Halsey left, he said, adding that now they will continue in earnest.

“The PILOT makes things clearer and now we know the problems that we face,” he said.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, the audience joined the new superintendent and board in some light refreshments, including a large cake.

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