Dr. Stuart Trust Receives ‘Pediatrician of the Year’ Award From Upstate Medical University

Dr. Stuart Trust, Pediatric Associates of Fulton, was recently named Upstate Medical University’s Pediatrician of the Year. Trust is the only physician who has received this award five times since it was established in 1973.

The award is given to the pediatrician who shows competence, concern for his or her patients, and an enthusiasm for teaching.

Dr. Stuart Trust
Dr. Stuart Trust

“For nearly forty years, our goal been the same— to help, heal, and comfort our patients and their families,” Trust said. “I credit my mentor, Dr. Frank Oski, with his mantra to ‘learn it, do it, and teach it’. I love to teach and as a result, it’s also yielded a wealth of learning for me as well.

“It’s an honor to be in a position where people trust me with their most precious possessions—their children. I am both honored and blessed.”

Pediatric Associates is at 8 Canalview Mall, Suite 8, Fulton and can be reached at 315-598-6785.


  1. I have had Dr Trust for all 4 of my kids and loved him to death. He is a very caring and loving Dr. Now that my kids are older they dont go there anymore. But congratulations to Dr Trust.

  2. Dr. Trust is by far the best Pediatrician in the area and most deserving of this award. He and his staff (Patty and Heidi) are top notch. The practice doesn’t just treat the patient but the individual. My children have long since grown but I always took great comfort in knowing that Dr. Trust was treating my children. I can recall 3 occasions that I just arrived carrying one of my children in without an appointment. Dr. Trust and his staff would always be understanding of the situation and somehow always squeeze us in no matter how busy the office was at the time. Kudos to Dr. Trust and staff for their dedication to the children they treat and their families as well. <3

  3. I started with Dr. Trust back in 1986 with my first son and continued with my 2nd being a preemie until they reached 18 and actually beyond one didn’t want to leave!!! He got us through some tough times amazing Doctor and a wonderful caring man… Well deserved Congrats!

  4. Dr. Trust was my doctor nearly 40 years ago, and if I still lived in the area, he’d be my son’s doctor as well.

  5. Dr. Trust is the epitome of a pediatric physician. He is caring, patient-centered and always teaching and learning new ways to treat children. Oswego County and Central New York are blessed to have him.

  6. Dr. trust was my daughters doctors 5 years ago! When she was 1 month old I brought her to him with a high fever. He sent me home telling me she had a viral infection. I brought her in everyday for 5 dad straight. Her fevers didn’t go away. By the 5th day her whole body was in pain. Finally Dr Trust told us it was something more serious! He sent us to upstate and they diagnosed her with meningitis! A simple prick of her finger or blood test would have showed that it was meningitis! The bacteria had 5 days to damage her body. It traveled to her brain as well! My daughters 5 now, she has a slient seizure disorder as a result of the meningitis! She has to ride a special needs bus to school so she can be monitored by a nurse! She has has physical therapy, occupational therapy, a well as speech therapy for the last 5 years! All becuz he failed to run any tests! My daughter also has vision and hearing issues! But he got recognition for his medical journal he wrote on her! Meanwhile my daughter life is forever changed! I’m in the process of sueing him for failure to treat, and misdiagnosis! He can enjoy his award, but he should e held responsibile for his actions!

  7. Im glad to see doctor trust recieved this award. He is taking care of my niece who has a trach. Her name is lana and she is now almost 8months. He has cared for her since she was 3 months. I am very proud to call him lanas doctor. He teaches me new things everytime I see him, and he is so good with lana. He makes thoughs dreaded apointments enjoyable

  8. Dr. Trust treated me from birth to age 21 and would still treat my children
    If we were still local. I enjoyed every appointment including sick visits all because he was
    So pleasant and kind with great knowledge of every medical situation. An award much deserved five times.

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