Drilling of Geothermal Wells Begins for SUNY Oswego Science Building

Submitted by SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO — Drilling for geothermal wells as part of SUNY Oswego’s new Science and Engineering Innovation Corridor has begun, college officials reported, meaning neighbors can expect more noise than usual around Washington Boulevard.

Construction started in the northeast corner of the well field behind Snygg Hall, and over several iterations these rigs will move closer to Washington Boulevard. The noise may be somewhat muffled at this point but should increase as the rigs move south and approach the road, college officials said.

The geothermal field will use energy created by temperature differentials to help heat and cool the new science facility and serve as a living lab on this alternative energy source.

Drilling will continue Mondays through Thursdays until the first part of September. Fridays have been set aside for cleanup from the drilling, but on occasion drilling may take place on Fridays as well.

The Science and Engineering Innovation Corridor will feature new construction joining Piez Hall to create a 262,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility scheduled for completion in 2013. The multiphase project, whose total costs have been estimated at $118 million, is being bonded through the SUNY Construction Fund.

For more information, visit www.oswego.edu/about/centers/obcr/campusrenovation.html.