Drivers Charged Following ‘Road Rage’ Incident

OSWEGO, NY – On Sunday (Sept. 29), at 8 p.m., two drivers were ticketed following the investigation into a motor vehicle accident that occurred on State Route 49, four-tenths of a mile east of Avery Road in the town of Constantia, the result of a road rage incident, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Douglas R. LaBreck, 36, of 13 Holly Park Drive, Bernhards Bay, was charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle (license suspended for failure to answer summons for Town of Hastings Court on Aug. 16) and speed not reasonable and prudent.

David A. Slazik, 52, of 1102 Bailey Road, Fabius, was issued a ticket for speed not reasonable and prudent.

Mr. LaBreck is scheduled to answer his charges before Town of Constantia Court on Oct. 28.

Reportedly, prior to the accident, Mr. LaBreck made a right hand turn off Shacksbush Road onto State Route 49, pulling out in front of Mr. Slazik, who was westbound on 49.

Mr. Slazik then reportedly flashed Mr. LaBreck with his high beams while Mr. LaBreck was holding his extended middle finger out his window.

Mr. Slazik then attempted to pass Mr. LaBreck as they both drove westbound.

Mr. LaBreck reportedly accelerated during the passing attempt, so Mr. Slazik had to exceed the posted state speed limit to complete the pass, deputies report.

Completing the pass, Mr. Slazik reportedly decelerated causing Mr. LaBreck to swerve and brake in a fruitless attempt to avoid the collision.