Drop Everything And Read at APW Elementary School

Everyone at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Elementary School was engrossed in reading on October 26 at 10 a.m. and then again at 2 p.m. to celebrate DEAR time.

Students in Heather Holmes’ fourth grade class at APW Elementary School Dropped Everything And Read, including APW Elementary School Principal Michael McAuliff, front left, to Celebrate Literacy on October 26.

DEAR, Drop Everything And Read, was celebrated at the school as part of the school’s Read 100K reading incentive. The day-long celebration of reading entitled Celebrate Literacy included many other activities and events centered around literacy.

Following an announcement at 10 a.m., students stopped what they were doing, found a comfortable spot and began to read from a book of their choice.

Students were seated at their desks, lounging on the floor or propped in a corner with their heads in a book.

For students in Ms. Heather Holmes’ fourth grade class, reading also involved developing good study habits and note-taking which she pointed out close readers use.

Natasha Schuon found a comfy spot on the floor near her desk for her DEAR time reading.

She used APW Elementary School Principal 3-6 Michael McAuliff as an example as she observed him utilizing the study skills she taught in her class that will help prepare her students for success in the future, all the way to college.

McAuliff, who had stopped in the class to DEAR, had underlined, highlighted and taken notes in his book, which Holmes pointed out he owned and not to do this with a library book or a borrowed book.

Other activities included guest readers, listening to a story and visualizing the story and then drawing a picture from their mind. Students and staff were also encouraged to wear a “read my T-shirt/sweatshirt” so others could read their clothing.