Drug Probe Results In Several Arrests

OSWEGO, NY – As a result of the Oswego City Police Department’s on-going drug investigations, information was developed that a large quantity of illegal drugs were entering the City of Oswego for sale and distribution over the past several weeks.

Christos Fourkiotis
Christos Fourkiotis

Members of the Oswego City Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division executed multiple search warrants, including four motor vehicles and two motel rooms at the Days Inn, located at 101 State Route 104 in the City of Oswego.

As a result of the search warrant executions, and associated investigation, the following were arrested and charged with one count each of Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree, a class E Felony:

Christos Fourkiotis, 30 years old, of 296 Meadowvale Crescent, Cornwall, Ontario (Canada)

Rodney D. LaLonde, 45 years old, of 16868 Atchison Road, Long-Sault, Ontario (Canada)

Rodney D. LaLonde
Rodney D. LaLonde

Dan J. Rode, 20 years old, of 423 Lacomb Road, Norfolk, NY 13667

Adam M. LaLonde, 20 years old, of 327 Roosevelt Road, Massena, NY 13662

Stephanie L. Smoke, 30 years old, of 60 Smoke Road, Hogansburg, NY 13655

Matthew P. Mitchell, 29 years old, of 33 Smoke Road, Akwesasne, NY 13655

The suspects were arraigned in Oswego City Court and subsequently remanded to the Oswego
County Correctional Facility in lieu of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bail bond, with the exception of Matthew Mitchell, who was remanded in lieu of $10,000 cash or $20,000 bail bond.

Dan J. Rode
Dan J. Rode

Each is currently scheduled to return to Oswego City Court as follows:

Fourkiotis on July 7

Smoke, Rode, and A. LaLonde on July 21

Mitchell and R. LaLonde on July 26.

Two of the suspects, Fourkiotis and R. LaLonde, were also determined to have entered the United States from Canada illegally.

Additionally, police seized three motor vehicles alleged to have been used in the transport, sale and distribution of illegal drugs, approximately $102,000 in US currency and 5.6 grams of cocaine.

Adam M. LaLonde
Adam M. LaLonde

As always, Oswego Police are asking anyone with information regarding this or any other illegal drug activity to contact them at 315-342-2283.

Individuals wishing to remain anonymous may also contact the Oswego City Police Department’s tip-line at 315-342-8131, or email [email protected]

Stephanie L. Smoke,
Stephanie L. Smoke,
Matthew P. Mitchell
Matthew P. Mitchell

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  1. What say the state of N.Y. gets it`s head out
    of it`s a** and just stops the witch hunt!!!
    More people in N.Y. smoke pot then drink booz, why
    not just cut the crap and just make it leagle???
    If that were done, the state could tax it and make
    a ton of money, stop waisting money on jailing people
    for minor pot charges, and not over crowd the prisons.
    At this point, it`s not about what the people want, it`s
    about what the government wants,,,, MORE MORE and
    More money. Lets put it to a vote and see where
    We the people stand on this matter!!!!!!

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