Dunkin’ Donuts Hosts ‘Coffee With Mayor, Police Chief’

coffee with the mayor, chief

OSWEGO, NY – OK, nobody actually sat down and shared a cup of coffee with Mayor Billy Barlow or Chief Tory DeCaire.

But what they did share was plenty of productive dialogue.

A resident shares his traffic concerns with Police chief Tory DeCaire. Also part of the conversation is Mayor Billy Barlow.
A resident shares his traffic concerns with Police chief Tory DeCaire. Also part of the conversation is Mayor Billy Barlow.

“This was a chance for Oswego residents to meet with Chief DeCaire and myself in a casual setting, ask questions and voice any concerns they might have,” the mayor told Oswego County Today.

“There wasn’t any set agenda,” the chief added. “It was just a chance for residents to discuss issues important to them and ask some questions.”

He said he hopes the meetings build a relationship that will strengthen the entire Oswego community.

A lot of things people talked about are concerns the city is already working on, the mayor and chief pointed out.

“There really wasn’t any surprises,” the mayor said. “Much of what they asked about was getting the water and sewers fees lowered and getting the roads fixed.”

Other issues included vandalism, illegal dumping, snow removal, increased traffic on some city streets and more.

“Dunkin’ Donuts is honored to host Mayor Barlow and Chief DeCaire and to provide our guests an opportunity to have an impactful chat with the chief and mayor in a friendly, informal setting,” said Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee Roy Clark, who spearheaded the initiative with fellow franchisees Tom Santurri and Ed Wolak. “We always strive to support our community and the police force. We’re thrilled to bring this program to the city of Oswego.”

Last year, Oswego area Dunkin Donuts owner Roy Clark and the Oswego Police Department teamed up to provide comfort bags to kids on-the-scene of crisis situations in the city. The sling-type bags contain a small stuffed animal, a safety rules coloring book with crayons and a small package of tissues.

Incidents such as car accidents, domestic disputes, and other sensitive investigations can be very traumatizing for children that are present or involved. It’s the hope that these comfort bags can help make these difficult situations a little bit easier to deal with.

It was from that collaboration that the idea of ‘coffee with the mayor and chief’ was born.

The next coffee meeting will take place at the westside Dunkin’ Donuts, 255 W. Seneca St., on June 2 from 9 to 11 a.m.

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  1. The roads & water/sewer rates goes without saying however the water/sewer rates in particular are running the private-sector taxpayers(who don’t work within the city limits to earn their incomes anyways) right out of here forever. Once gone, Oswego will be a mini-Detroit whose only hope of being saved is if Jesus Himself becomes the next mayor.

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