Dynamic Sound and Security Opens Home Theatre Experience Center

Once again adapting and expanding, Dynamic Sound and Security is unveiling their new “Home Theatre Experience Center”. Consisting of a remodeling project that converts old television retail space into a state of the art viewing room, the project allows customers to sit and experience the benefits of a professionally designed and installed home theatre system. According to Sales Manager Brett Counterman, “ By creating this space, we are showcasing to the consumer how we can outfit your home, much in the same way we could outfit a vehicle, with the latest in technology so you are able to get the most out of a home viewing experience. This aspect of our business focuses on our ability to work with a homeowner, business owner, or builder to design a home audio/video solution based on their needs and budget.” Brett also says that while there is a bit of a misconception with regard to price for this type of work, customers should go in with an open mind and consult with a member of his sales staff to find out just how much they can do working on a budget before ruling out a custom home theatre system. Located at 143 George St. in Oswego, store hours are Monday through Saturday 9am-7pm and the Experience Center is open for viewing so stop in and see what Dynamic has to offer.