Eighth Grade Projects Use Science, English in Fulton

FULTON – Natural disaster research efforts of Fulton Junior High School eighth grade students will culminate with the creation of realistic, yet fictional, creative stories.

English teacher Jennifer Meloling and science teacher Allyson DeStevens teamed up for the collaborative project, which involves students’ selection of a natural disaster to research in science class and then incorporate facts and statistics into a creative story for English.

Special education teacher Lisa Catalina also is assisting students with the project.

Students will explore the danger, damage, locations, warning systems, ratings and preparation, among many other topics related to natural disasters.

DeStevens said an important component is for students to look at the history of natural disasters and to take away the broader scope of disasters with public awareness and rebuilding efforts.

Meloling said the project is a chance for the eighth graders to challenge themselves while having fun.

“There’s not many times you hear science and English working together,” she said. “This shows students everything they do is connected.”

Catalina said time spent in the library will also better prepare the FJHS students for high school and beyond, as they are learning MLA style for their works cited pages.

Although the projects are yet to be finished, the teachers are already brainstorming how the project can grow next school year.

Meloling said the natural disaster project may be pushed toward a more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math effort, involving guest speakers, robotics and computer simulation games.