EJD Eighth Grade Awards

The following eighth grade students were recognized at an awards ceremony on June 25, 2009, for outstanding academic achievement during their three years at E. J. Dillon Middle School in Phoenix.

The President’s Education Awards Program recognizes students who have achieved high academic goals by their hard work and dedication to learning. President’s Education Awards are presented in two categories: The President’s Award for Educational Excellence was established to encourage students to meet the highest possible academic standards by recognizing and rewarding them for educational excellence. Recipients must have earned at least a 90 overall average for three years at E. J. Dillon School and also have demonstrated high achievement in reading or mathematics on their New York State tests. President’s Award for Educational Excellence were presented to: Meghan Barry, Tylore Bates, Paul Boone, Corey Bowman, Julia Brennan, Chelsea Burgett, Richard Burke, Jason Czyz, Samantha Decker, Cody Doran, Kyle Fisk, Allison Fitzgerald, Brandi Freytag, Lauren Gilmore, Samantha Grabowski, Casey Gray, Anthony Harbour, Trisha Hetko, Karly Hotaling, Hunter Hughes, Kori Hughes, Kyle Huniford, Thomas LeRoy, Tyler Loveless, Remington Lynch, Courtney MacEwen, Girolamo Mammolito, Zachary Manzer, Jessica Myers, Michaela Neverette, Sydney Patzke, Emily Paye, Angela Pitcher, Emily Porter, Sarah Roffo, Kimberly Smith, Zachary Thomas, Adam Thoryk, Nicholas Tighe, Andrew Torres, Jennifer VanWormer, Kayla Wagner, Keefe Wallace, Kylie Wallace, Chelsea Wedderburn, Cassidy Weese, and Dustin Young.

The President’s Award for Educational Achievement is presented to recognize students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects, but do not meet the criteria for the Educational Excellence award. It is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school, in many cases in the face of special obstacles to their learning. Those students receiving the President’s Award for Educational Achievement included: Gabriel Anthony, Jonathan Backus, Ridge Barden, Anneliese Bishop, Austin Brutcher, Richard Buck, Justin Burdick, Synthia Crump, Christopher Darling, Samantha Downing, Heather Giddings, Ty Goldthwait, Brandon Halstead, Andrew Haven, Richard Howington, Jr., Bruce Jones III, Chase Larrabee, Kaitlin Lyboult, Autumn McSherry, Summer Miller, Justice Mills, Eldon Mills, Rowdy Prior, Justin Rhodes, Shawn Riddell, Kendra Sonnacchio, Jesse Spencer, Joshua Sullivan, Justin Sutliffe, Christopher Vaverchak, Casey Wegner, and Steven Worth.

Locally, the E. J. Dillon School awards Phoenix “hoodies”or jackets to those students who have earned a Gold Star every quarter for three years and Phoenix sweatshirts to those who have had perfect attendance for their three years at E. J. Dillon. Perfect attendance awards were presented to: Jason Czyz, Bryce Ferris, Brandon D. Halstead, Michaela Neverette, Shawn Riddell, and Kendra Sonnacchio.