ELA scores soar in the Hannibal Central School District

Students in the Hannibal Central School District are making significant strides in the area of English language arts, and recently released state test results are proof that student achievement is on the rise.

ELA test scores soared among Fairley Elementary School third and fourth graders within the past two years. According to data from the 2013-2014 exams, third grade test scores rose 9.5 percent compared to the previous year.

In fourth grade, test results improved 6 percent, compared to the countywide growth rate of 0.19 percent.

The progress is the product of multiple initiatives that have taken place within the district over the past few years, according to Superintendent Donna Fountain. In addition to implementing the Common Core modules and incorporating extensive professional development, there were several educational shifts that happened to help boost student success in ELA.

“Two years ago we went to a double block of language arts,” Fountain said. “We also moved to a more elementary model for the fifth grade where the teachers have their students all day so they’re able to integrate language arts into all subject areas. We are also infusing literacy in all content areas. I think that is why we had the big jump.”

hat kind of success has not gone unnoticed, Fountain said.

She noted that educators and school administrators are asking her what the district has done to see such tremendous growth.

“We have adopted the Common Core modules with fidelity,” she said. “There are so many parts that are linked to this success. We’ve just changed so much about the way we go about educating students and that is why we are seeing results.”