Election 2016 Results: Presidential, NYS and Oswego County

OSWEGO COUNTY, NY – By now you’re all aware, Donald Trump has won the historic 2016 presidential race to become the United States’ new president-elect.

The unofficial results are in, and the numbers have been tallied.

Hillary Clinton, democratic nominee for President, won the battle for New York State with 57.9% of the votes statewide (4,144,470 votes) leaving Trump to lose the state contest in New York receiving 36.83% of the votes statewide (2,636,455 votes)

The 2016 election recorded a total of over 7 million votes in the presidential race from New York State residents despite having over 11 million active, registered voters.

Of those votes in the presidential race, 44,618 votes came from Oswego County.

In the overall outcome of the nation, however, Trump ousted Clinton by winning a number of swing states and faulting a shocking amount of predictive polling that foresaw Clinton claiming the title.

While the 45th President of the United States was a very publicized and some would say “entertaining” race, there were many other seats in United States government up for grabs including federal, state and local races.

So, what happened in New York State and even more specifically, Oswego County?

First, appearing on all ballots across New York State was the race for United States Senator.

Voters saw options for democratic incumbent, Charles Schumer or republican candidate, Wendy Long along with other candidates running for both the green and libertarian parties.

Schumer won the race undoubtedly, totaling 66.9% of the votes statewide (4,789,385 votes) to reclaim his seat in Senate while Long brought in 26% of the votes (1,864,510 votes.)

Voters in Oswego County saw the race for state supreme court justice, 5th judicial district on their ballot with the option to vote for any two candidates.

The two candidates receiving the most votes are both representing the Republican party, Deborah Karalunas with 24.9% of the votes district wide (197,335 votes) and Gregory R. Gilbert with 23.4% of the votes district wide (185,866 votes.)

Some voters in Oswego County also saw a contest for 22nd Congressional District of which Republican candidate, Claudia Tenney and Democratic candidate, Kim Myers raced for the seat as the two major party candidates.

In a closer margin, Tenney won with 44.3% of the vote (120,777 votes) while Myers totaled 38.1% of the vote (103,955 votes.)

Likewise, some Oswego County voters saw the race for 24th Congressional District with Republican incumbent, John Katko in the race with Democrat candidate, Colleen Deacon as the two major party candidates.

Katko will return to his seat after winning 58.5% of the district’s votes (169,418 votes) while Deacon lost with a total of 37.5% of the district’s votes (108,485 votes.)

A number of uncontested contests on Oswego County ballots returned state representatives to their seats.

Patty Ritchie ran uncontested for State Senate, 48th district, receiving 35,762 votes in Oswego County and a total of 79,840 votes district wide.

Will Barclay ran uncontested for State Assembly, 120th district, receiving 31,274 votes in Oswego County and a total of 41,106 votes district wide.

Similarly, Robert Oaks ran uncontested for State Assembly, 130th district, receiving 3,508 votes in Oswego County and a total of 39,922 votes district wide.

An uncontested race for county clerk put Micheal Backus back in office 34,006 votes in Oswego County.

Many towns across the county voted on uncontested races as well.

Town of Amboy: Kathleen M. Wilkinson ran uncontested for town supervisor receiving 375 votes, Lawrence C. Rayder ran uncontested for councilman receiving 256 votes, Richard F. Bryant ran uncontested for councilman receiving 387 votes.

Town of Boylston: John Macklen ran uncontested for councilman receiving 197 votes.

Town of Granby: Lesley C. Schmidt ran uncontested for town justice receiving 1,712 votes.

Town of Minetto: Randy J. Farnsworth ran uncontested for councilman receiving 417 votes.

Town of Palermo: Jay F. Elhage ran uncontested for councilman receiving 922 votes, Donald Hart ran uncontested for councilman receiving 436 votes.

Village of Pulaski: Alan J. Engelbrekt and Robin E. Ford ran for trustee while voters were required to select two candidates. Engelbrekt received 461 votes while Ford received 426 votes.

Town of Sandy Creek: Jonn Stoker ran uncontested for town justice receiving 1,146 votes.

Village of Sandy Creek: Kenney L. LaRue ran uncontested for trustee receiving 234 votes.

Town of Williamstown: Rosalie Platt ran uncontested for tax collector receiving 388 votes.

Town of Scriba: A referendum vote was held to determine whether the town highway supervisor position should be changed from an elected position to an appointed position.

The results were definitive as 65.8% of voters said no (1,688 votes) while 34.2% of voters said yes (879 votes.)

All election result information found here was provided by Oswego County General Presidential Election 2016 Unofficial Results and New York State Board of Elections Unofficial Election Night Results.

Let us know your reactions to the monumental 2016 election in the comments section below.


  1. Well, Trump “won” because we have a peculiar 18th century constitution that has mechanisms to deny the popular vote winner the presidency.

    For the disheartened, just remember more Americans voted against Trump than for him, Hillary Clinton received more votes than Trump, and his “victory” is not a mandate for the extreme right-wing policies outlined in the Republican platform.

    It’s sad that democracy is contained and controlled as it is by the outdated system of states and electoral votes.

    This is the 2nd time since 2000 that the Democratic candidate received more votes than the Republican and yet did not “win” the presidency.

    It distorts our entire politics, the Supreme Court, everything “we” as a country do and stand for.

    Very unfortunate.

  2. This election told a great story. America Spoke loud and clear! Especially those states within “The Blue Wall” including Pennsylvania that have voted Democratic in every election since 1988. After 8 years of Failed policies, The Rise of ISIS, A Disastrous healthcare act that was written to FORCE people to have Healthcare or face fines, a racial tension not seen in decades, police shootings and the list goes on
    And on…We the people are SICK OF IT. GO TRUMP!

  3. The Founding Fathers in their genius of the constitution realized that if the President was elected on a popular vote that large population areas would always determine the vote leaving most the rest of the country without any representation. So the candidates would have went to only a few states and areas to campaign because the rest of the other states wouldn’t have any impact. I do however know that the Electorial College should be split up in NYS as we are swept away by NYC. NYC has very different political views than the whole rest of the state.

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