Election Day Arrives

FULTON, NY – Polls are open this morning for the 2007 General Election. By 9 p.m., voting results will start to show who will hold positions in top seats at city hall.

Four candidates are vying today for the mayor’s seat for the next four years. Alphabetically, the candidates include:

  • Mark Aldasch, who is running on the Conservative party line
  • Phillip Blair, who is running on the Democratic party line
  • Mark Sherman, who is running on the Independent (Revive Fulton) party line
  • Ronald Woodward Sr., who is running on the Republican and Independence party lines

In addition, five of six races are contested for seats on the Fulton Common Council.

  • In the First Ward, incumbent Thomas Kenyon (Republican and Conservative-Ward‘s Choice) is vying against Lisa Calkins (Democratic and Tax Cut lines)
  • In the Second Ward, incumbent Daniel Knopp Jr., (Democratic and Conservative lines) is vying against David Guyer (Republican and Community Vision lines) and David Ritchie (Your Choice line)
  • In the Third Ward, incumbent Robert Weston (Democratic and Conservative-Tax Cut lines) is vying against Wayne Hanson (Republican and No Spin lines)
  • In the Fifth Ward, Norman “Jay” Foster (Republican and Unity lines) is running against David Miner (Democratic and Tax Cut lines)
  • In the Sixth Ward, incumbent Russell Hayden (Republican) is running against Martin Allen (Democratic and Tax Cut lines)

Representation for the 22nd, 24th and 25th legislative districts will also be determined today. In those races:

  • Incumbent Phillip Vasho (Democratic and Conservative parties) is vying against James Karasek (Republican) for the 22nd legislative district
  • Incumbent Clayton Brewer (Republican) is vying against Mark Fruce (Democratic and Conservative) for the 24th legislative district
  • Incumbent Russ Johnson (Democratic and Conservative) is vying against Louella LeClair (Republican and Fulton First) for the 25th legislative district

At the close of polls this evening, Fulton Daily News will begin updating election results as they become available.