Election Day Commences

Graphic says Election Day 2019, 20th Year Oswego County Today, with an American flag with the word Vote

OSWEGO COUNTY – Voters throughout Oswego County head to the polls today, Nov. 5, to decide who will run their local governments. Polls are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fulton City Candidates:


  • Dan Farfaglia (D, WOR, I)
  • Deana Michaels (R, C)
  • Ethan Parkhurst (I, People’s Voice)
  • David Webber (I)

1st Ward: Incumbent Tom Kenyon (C) – uncontested 2nd Ward:

  • Incumbent David Ritchie (C)
  • Douglas Chapman (R)
  • Ernesto Garcia (D)

3rd Ward: Incumbent Donald Patrick, Jr. (D, C) – uncontested 4th Ward:

  • Incumbent Samuel Vono (R)
  • John Kenyon (C)

5th Ward:

  • Incumbent Dennis Merlino (D)
  • Audrey Avery (R, C)

6th Ward: Incumbent Lawrence Macner (D, R, C) – uncontested

Oswego City Candidates:

Mayor: Incumbent Billy Barlow (R, C, I) – uncontested 1st Ward:

  • Incumbent Susan McBrearty (D, WOR, OTH)
  •  Andrew J. Hall (R)

2nd Ward:

  • Shawn Burridge (R, C, I)
  • Maureen A. Wills (D, WOR, OTH)

3rd Ward:

  • Incumbent Kevin Hill (R, C, I)
  • Jonathan Ashline (D, WOR)

4th Ward:

  • Shawn P. Walker (R,C, I)
  • Diane Zeller (D, WOR)

5th Ward: Incumbent John B. Gosek (R) – uncontested 6th Ward:

  •  Incumbent Ronald Tesoriero (R, C, I)
  • Matthew Fleming (D, WOR)

7th Ward: Incumbent Robert Corradino (R, C, I) – uncontested   * Election results will be announced later as they are determined. Other Information:

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