Elections and Budgets!

To The Editor:
After hearing that your county taxes are going up 2.8% this year, you now know why the elections are always before the budget vote.

Those legislators that voted to raise your taxes and not to reduce the budget are glad you voted for them before you found out they were going to raise your taxes.

They are glad that you voted for them before you found out that they would rather raise your taxes then take a cut in pay.

They are glad you voted for them before you found out that they would rather raise your taxes then give up their mileage reimbursement.

They are glad that you voted for them before you found out they would rather raise your taxes than cut the cost of buying chairs for a $1,000.

They are glad that they didn’t have to vote on the rental fee on using county highway equipment again before the elections. You would have seen who wants to charge your town or village to use equipment your tax dollars already paid for.

The big thing they are thankful for is that elections are two years away and are one year away after the next budget. That means they are counting on your memory being short and you forgetting how they voted to raise your taxes.

Remember this: The Republican party holds a majority in the county legislative body.

That means anything that happens there is with their approval. Anything!

Taxes go up because they vote them to go up. Tipping fees go up it’s because they vote them to go up.

You elected them!

Frank Castiglia Jr. County Legislator 25th District


  1. Its all about what is in it for them . They all want to make Oswego County and City for that matter someplace where people want to move and raise their families. There are no jobs, and people are sick of paying high taxes while some of our elected officials live it up on our dollar. That’s conscientious spending right there!! Just remember you voted them in!

  2. Interesting that when interviewed by the media before Election Day, every candidate running for office stated they want to lower taxes and create jobs.

  3. The pay and mileage cuts would have added up to about 22,000 out of a budget of almost 200 MILLION. You went after things you knew wouldn’t pass. You could always donate 3% ($375.00) of YOUR pay back to the County if you like. Now if you want to make cuts….what programs do you want to get rid of? What services do you want cut or dropped?

  4. Mike, You must be a Republican! Only a republican would blow things out of per-potion to try and scare the public into your point of view. First: The tax levy was only about 45 million. Second : you don’t have to get rid of any departments to lower taxes. Third: When you are going to raise taxes to the taxpayer you don’t have to buy furniture or fund private non-profit organization(ie: OOC,IDA etc.) also there are dept. budgets that return every year almost 20% of their budgets…so reduce the budgets not get rid of the programs. Mr. Castiglia and the minority party outlined their cuts in the paper..equaling $800,000..and any and all reductions are possible.

  5. and where do you think that 25 million in the bank comes from? Santa ? You get that money when depatments send it back to the general fund at the end of the year. You get that money when sales tax comes in more than was bugeted. This is the same 25 million that the minority didn’t want to take $500,000 from to reduce the tax levy. Over all the County taxes are not that bad. Can’t help it that that the two Cities can’t afford the services they provide.

  6. Well Mike, I feel like I’m back teaching school. In order for you to understand things you must do a complete background check of the subject matter. But most Rep. don’t do that. They believe what ever is being told to them. 1. I was at a caucus meeting when the Dems asked Phil Church(county Admin.) what was the bal. in the unappropriated fund bal.(ie. general fund-saving account) he said between 7 and 9 million.(Not 25 million). 2. The $500,000 you refer to that Mr. Castiglia and the rest of the Dems voted against was a add on. This was pointed out to one of your stars(Terry Wilbur) when he made a statement that the money coming out of the account was less than half from the amount taken out in 2015. It was pointed out to him that in fact the amount taken out in 2016 was $1,25 million more than 2015. You must attend all meetings and pay attention. Mike. So the total taken out of My(and all other taxpayers savings account) was $2.5 million. All other money’s have been allocated to other fund Bal. Let me make it simple. It’s like a direct withdrawal of your cable bill from you checking account. It looks like you have money but you don’t. Merry Christmas Mike.

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