Electrical Wiring Sparked West Fifth Street Fire

Firefighters battle a blaze on West Fifth Street Thursday night (Photo by Joey Falcetti)

Firefighters battle a blaze on West Fifth Street Thursday night (Photo by Joey Falcetti)

OSWEGO – The origin and cause of the fire that occurred at 194 W. Fifth St. on January 28 has been determined to be electrical.

After conducting several interviews, taking photographs, and gathering
physical findings from the structure, the city of Oswego Fire Investigation Unit has concluded that electrical wiring supplying power to a second story ceiling light failed and started the fire.

The fire spread in the ceiling void space, and traveled to the south wall before moving to the attic space.

This type of rapid fire travel is very typical in balloon frame building construction.

“This structure had working smoke alarms, that certainly helped the residents escape harm. We also know that occupants, along with the Oswego Police Department helped to evacuate others in the building prior to our arrival and we thank them for their work,” said OFD Lt. Paul Conzone.

The fire resulted in great loss for the families involved.

Several people lost all of their belongings, heirlooms, pictures and memories in the fire.

“We would like to thank everyone who has stepped up to donate items to the families to help them get through this difficult time,” Conzone added.

Several people and groups assisted at the scene, during the fire, and for days now after the fire.

“I would like to thank the Oswego Police Department, the US Border Patrol, and the Oswego Department of Public works for their work at the fire scene. National Grid responded quickly to cut power to the structure to help keep our personnel safe. Thank you to the Oswego County Fire Coordinators who responded to the scene, as well as the Mobile Cascade Unit and personnel that were there refilling air cylinders. Thank you to the Scriba and Minetto fire departments for their support during the fire. Both departments stood by in their stations, ready to respond to Oswego if called,” Conzone said. “Special thanks to the American Red Cross and Stewart’s Shops for assisting the fire victims at the scene. Several city of Oswego officials were on the scene most of the night, including Mayor Barlow and several councilors. Thank you to our generous and thoughtful residents of Oswego and the surrounding areas who have come together to support the families in need.”

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  1. I am a democrat, so you get that this is big for me…I AM SO IMPRESSED that we have a mayor willing to invest time from his private life to stand alongside his constituents in this time of trouble! Off to a very good start, Mayor Barlow!

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