Election Night Blog: Aubertine Leads; Hannibal Bond Fails; Hoefer Wins

11:00:01 pm:

President Obama.

Senator Aubertine.

That’s a wrap, folks.

10:55 pm:

92% of the vote is in in the Senate race, says WWNY.  Aubertine keeps his 52%-48% lead.

John McHugh’s going back to the House, not that it was in doubt.  AP declared him the winner over Mike Oot.

And it’ll be Dan Hoefer in the County Legislature in the late Len Ponzi’s seat.  With all the votes in, he appears to have beaten incumbent Mary Flett by 33 votes.

10:50 pm:

Did you know that Assemblyman Will Barclay had an opponent?  Jerome Burns is losing by about a 3-1 margin in the county.  The district includes parts of western Onondaga County as well.

10:45 pm:

Renzi will take the county by a little over a thousand votes.  Just a handful of votes need to be counted.  Unless something drastic happens in the other two counties, Aubertine has survived two campaigns in less than a year.

WWNY’s numbers show Aubertine leading, 52%-48% with three quarters of the vote counted.  The votes still to be counted appear to be in St. Lawrence County, where Aubertine has run strongest.

Obama will win a bare majority, about 50.2% of county votes.

10:25 pm:

Voters in the Hannibal school district shot down a third phase of renovations to district buildings.  It was a fairly close vote: 455-424.  The district promised that the project would have zero local tax impact and the school board promised to abandon the project if it would cost taxpayers anything, but that wasn’t persuasive.

10:20 pm

88% of the vote counted.  Renzi holds a small lead, about 1,000 votes out of 35,000 votes cast.

It also looks like this very red Republican county will deliver a majority of votes for Barack Obama. It’s rare, but Bill Clinton carried a majority in this county, too.

10:15 pm:

A bit of a surprise here:  As the vote total approaches 75%, Darrel Aubertine’s catching up in Oswego County.  He’s trailing Dave Renzi by fewer than 100 votes out of 31,000 votes.

If that margin holds, it’s a big surprise.  The Siena College poll issued Sunday said Renzi had established a solid lead among Oswego County voters.  It also said Aubertine had stretched his lead among voters in the district’s other two counties, Jefferson and St. Lawrence.

But then, if the poll was wrong about Oswego County, it could also be wrong about the other two counties, yes?

Across the three counties, WWNY-TV (Disclosure: I run the website there) says it’s Aubertine, 54% to 46% with about 60% of the votes in. (Follow those races here.)


Now that results are flowing in, we can start to tell you a few things from the various races.

First up — a change on the Fulton Common Council.

Former Mayor Daryl Hayden appears to have unseated the incumbent Alderman, Dana Smith, in Fulton’s 4th Ward.

Smith was serving an unexpired term and had to win reelection to serve the final year of the term.

With 100% of the vote in, Hayden appears to have won, 318-230.

With about half the vote in countywide, voters are split 50/50 on support for Barack Obama or John McCain.

Republican Dave Renzi has a small lead on Democratic State Senator Darrel Aubertine.  The margin is just 53% to 47% for Renzi, in a county where Republicans outnumber Democrats by a 2-1 margin.  Overall results from the three county district have the fight dead even with very few votes counted.  If the Oswego County numbers hold, Renzi will lose.

Mary Flett has a lead over Dan Hoefer in the race to serve the final year of the late Len Ponzi’s term on the County Legislature.  Flett is the incumbent; she was appointed to the seat shortly after Ponzi’s death.

Nationally, two words: President Obama.  With 200 electoral votes in hand at this writing, and with the always-blue West Coast yet to be counted, there is no reasonable path left for McCain to win.  Too many out-of-the-ordinary things have to happen for McCain to have a chance.

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