Ellery Terpening to Run for Oswego County Sheriff

Ellery Terpening
Ellery Terpening

Contributed by the candidate

The Committee to elect Ellery Terpening Oswego County Sheriff is proud to announce that Ellery Terpening will be seeking the support of the people of Oswego County in his run for the position of Sheriff.

Ellery Terpening is a life resident of Oswego County and a career law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience, currently serving as the Chief of Police in the Village of Pulaski. The mission of Chief Terpening is to return the Sheriff’s Office to the residents of Oswego County and provide a responsive Sheriff’s Office to meet the needs of the community, providing clear leadership, creating pride in the service provided and focusing on the quality of life for all Oswego County residents.

Chief Terpening offers the County residents his experience in Community Policing, fiscal management, grant writing, human resource management and responsiveness to all citizens he has the pleasure to serve.

Chief Terpening will be providing the voters of Oswego County with specific initiatives that will be instituted when he becomes Sheriff to accomplish his mission to provide the community of Oswego County a proactive, forward thinking , countywide law enforcement agency that addresses the daily need for the positive, caring and fiscally responsible protection they deserve and are entitled to.