Ellucian Taps SUNY Oswego Registrar

OSWEGO — SUNY Oswego’s registrar, Jerret LeMay, has been appointed to a two-year term on a customer advisory board at Ellucian serving the Degree Works community.

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Jerret LeMay

Degree Works is degree-planning software that gives students a visually informative tool to stay on course for graduation. Oswego students and their faculty advisers began using Degree Works two years ago.

Oswego was one of the first colleges in SUNY to implement the degree audit solution aimed at increasing student graduation rates.

Wayne E. Holt, senior product specialist for Degree Works at Ellucian, said LeMay’s selection was based on criteria that included recommendations from peers, reviews with Ellucian staff with whom he has interacted, and his essay answers to questions that included his vision of how Degree Works should support student retention and student success at colleges and universities.

SUNY Oswego Provost Lorrie Clemo said, “Jerret is regarded as a leader and expert among the 64 SUNY campuses in Degree Works, and with this appointment he is now being recognized on a national level for his notable contributions to the Degree Works community.”

More information on how students at SUNY Oswego use Degree Works is available online: oswego.edu/degreeworks