Emergency Personnel Respond To Call Of Breakwall Walkers

OSWEGO – At 6:06 p.m. Tuesday, the Oswego County 911 center received a call of two people on the breakwall at the Oswego Harbor, according to the Oswego Fire Department.

Fire Department units as well as Oswego Police Department and United States Coast Guard personnel were deployed.

This was just after the predicted winds and rains arrived in the area, Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie pointed out.

OFD personnel responding in its department jet sled “Beau,” navigated in high winds and heavy rain to the area on the southern side of the breakwall as well as conducting a foot search on the breakwall in very difficult conditions.

Multiple reports of the two breakwall walkers were received.

After an extensive search and investigation, it was determined that the two walkers had exited the break wall on their own although their identities remain unknown, McCrobie said.

“This call was difficult to say the least and I want to commend the firefighters who were in the rough waters as well as the personnel who worked the shoreline with the command staff,” he said. “Multiple alarms came in as this storm hit and I appreciate the manner that this and those other calls were handled.”

The search was halted just before 8:30 p.m.