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September 19, 2018

Enhanced Day Habilitation At Oswego Industries, Inc. Means Personalized Care And Support For Those With Profound Or Multiple Disabilities

R.J. DeSantis made a new friend at the 2009 New York State Fair.

R.J. DeSantis made a new friend at the 2009 New York State Fair.

Paul St. Andrews enjoys a trip to the pool with a volunteer.

Paul St. Andrews enjoys a trip to the pool with a volunteer.

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and this month Oswego Industries, Inc. would like to recognize the very special employees that staff its Enhanced Day Habilitation program. While many adults with developmental disabilities are capable of living with relative independence, there are others who, because of profound or multiple disabilities, need almost constant care. At Oswego Industries, Inc., participants in the Enhanced Day Habilitation program receive personalized care and support so that family members can work, or simply have a break from caregiving.

Staff members in the Enhanced Day Habilitation program provide participants with activities designed to help meet their particular goals. Someone who is overly sensitive to touch, for example, may spend several minutes a day having lotion massaged gently into their hands to acclimate them to the experience of casual contact. Participants who spend a majority of their day in wheelchairs will be carefully lifted out of their chairs and repositioned on supportive mats or in a therapeutic “ball pool”, while a physical therapist carefully stretches limbs and works to increase range of motion.

The program regularly makes excursions to community locations, such as a local swimming pool to enjoy playing in the water, or to a nearby park when weather is favorable to eat outdoors and view the scenery. Sometimes other Oswego Industries staff with musical talents will conduct a sing-a-long, and encourage participants to play instruments or sing with the music.

For families of individuals with severe disabilities, it is invaluable for them to have this service. Knowing their child or sibling is in a safe environment, with trained and caring professionals, gives them peace of mind along with a much-needed break from ongoing care at home. Many families from all over Oswego County, especially those with two working parents, could not continue their routines without the help of the Enhanced Day Habilitation program at Oswego Industries, Inc.

Oswego Industries, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit Community Rehabilitation Program which has been providing programs and services to adults with disabilities since 1968. Its mission is to be a partner in the development of comprehensive community services designed to improve the quality of life for all people, with the primary emphasis on those with disabilities, by providing the necessary support programs to enable individuals to grow with dignity and achieve their highest level of independence and self-fulfillment. Most recently, the organization was named winner of the Chamber of Commerce Not-For-Profit of the Year Award for 2009. For more information on Enhanced Day Habilitation, or other services for individuals with disabilities, contact Lisa Clay at Oswego Industries, Inc. at (315) 598-3108.


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