Enjoy X-Biking, the Fastest Growing Indoor Biking Activity, at Fulton YMCA

The Fulton Family YMCA offers, one of the fastest growing indoor group cycling exercises which works the upper body, core muscles as well as the legs, it’s called X-BIKING! When you are thinking about your new years resolution why don’t you think about giving this class a try.

This total body workout combines outdoor and indoor cycling in a safe, controlled and exciting environment accompanied by motivational music and led by a trained X-Bike instructor. X-Bikes have the patented innovative and unique X-Bars fitted which allow the user to move the handlebars from side to side through a range of resistance controlled by the rider. Everyone can benefit from X-Biking regardless of fitness levels or experience. And no matter what, the rider is always in complete control of how hard or easy they want the ride to be.

For our class schedule, log onto www.fultonymca.com or call us at 598-9622 to get all the information regarding the X-biking classes or any other class that we may offer.