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September 22, 2018

Entergy Receives Oswego Schools ‘Friends Of Education’ Award

OSWEGO, NY – The awarding of the “Friends of Education” honor has become a tradition in the Oswego City School District.

This year, Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist and Board of Education President Sam Tripp presented the award to Entergy.

Tammy Holden of Entergy is presented the 2009 Oswego City School District Friends of Education Award. Making the presentation are Superintendent of Schools William Crist and Board of Education President Samuel Tripp.

Tammy Holden of Entergy is presented the 2009 Oswego City School District Friends of Education Award. Making the presentation are Superintendent of Schools William Crist and Board of Education President Samuel Tripp.

The award was created several years ago to recognize businesses and community organizations that do great things for Oswego’s students.

It celebrates and honors those who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the district and its children.

Businesses and organizations continually support and encourage education through leadership, service, volunteerism and donations.

Crist expressed appreciation to the support that Entergy and said, “I’d like to thank Entergy for the support you provide for our schools and our community as well as the students in the Oswego City School District. It is great to have you involved in the many educational experiences that take place throughout the district.”

During the last school year, Entergy has contributed substantially to the well-being of the Oswego City School District.

Entergy donated $20,000 to the “Power of Writing” project which is a collaborative writing project for teachers and students.

It has also generously provided financial support for an exciting writing initiative for kindergarten through second graders.

Teacher JoAnn Syrell said, “Entergy funds have provided me with the training and expertise to teach in a way that allows children to enjoy the process of learning how to write well. The funds permit teachers to attend workshops and institutes, and then collaborate after school to continue to build on the professional development they’ve received. This ongoing process of training, implementation, and debriefing  is what has made this Literacy initiative tremendously successful with teachers and students.”

Continuing she said, “I had the opportunity to attend Columbia’s Teachers College and collaborate for a week with professors and classroom teachers that work with NY City school children. These professionals are on the cutting edge of writing instruction in the classroom, and it was a privilege learning so much from them. I have been teaching for 18 years, and I have never been so inspired and motivated, or seen my students so excited, about the writing process. “

The employees of Entergy have supported “Holiday Adopt a School” for Fitzhugh Park, Minetto Elementary and Charles E. Riley elementary schools as well as Oswego Middle School and Oswego High School.

Charles E. Riley Principal Randy Richards noted, “Having only been in this community for 2 ½ years it soon became obvious that Entergy is into everything. It seems like that whenever I turn around there is money and people filling a need. Simply amazing what they do during the holidays in our giving project. Also, their impact on instruction is amazing. They have put resources and materials into the hands of our teacher and in turn, what they do with it is outstanding!”

Kingsford Park Elementary School Principal Mary Volkomer said, “They are incredibly generous to the KPS holiday project!”

The support of “Project Smart” involves teachers from the Oswego City School District in developing curriculum focusing on energy related career awareness in coordination with a series of district based career days, field trips focusing on linking math and science technology.

Entergy also supported educational opportunities such as the Environthon and Plant a Tree Program.

The Oswego City School District appreciates the cooperative efforts from businesses, civic organizations, families and individuals.

The teamwork displayed throughout the school year is very important to the students and community.

There are numerous “Friends of Education” and they are saluted and thanked by the Oswego City School District Board of Education, administrators, teachers, staff and students.

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