Entrepreneur Announces Plans For Fall International Investors’ Summit

OSWEGO, NY – Port City native Joseph Pilotta has firmed up plans to bring an international investors’ summit to his hometown later this fall.

He is also hoping to create a 150,000 square foot multi-use facility in the Port City. A potential new location for the In-Nova project is in the works.

“We do have dates now for the investor summit, it will be Oct. 28 and 29 at the Conference Center on East First Street,” he told Oswego County Today recently. “We have a keynote speaker who is an 18-books best-selling author.  He is a really big name in the renewable energy field and very famous in Europe and quite famous in the United States.”

Pilotta said they would also bring in a number of companies and investment bankers to see what can be done about investing with companies in Oswego.

“Hopefully, they will see all the potential Oswego and Central New York has to offer,” he said. “It will be the very first investors’ conference to ever happen here. We will attract a lot of attention because of the nature of who is coming and the nature of what the topic is and that is basically a city trying to transform itself.”

For this conference, they’re going to be bringing in foreign as well as domestic (participants) and they will all be centered on investment and investment opportunities, he explained.

“This way, we hope to be able to match them all together,” he said. “It will be a two-day event and I am going to make it as multi-media as possible (by using all the screens in the center at the same time). That way we can give them a feel for what the area is like. In October you never know what the weather’s going to be like. So we don’t know how much outside time we might have.”

“You don’t want to just take people around in a tour bus and say we have that vacant lot and we have that vacant lot. That’s not a good idea. You really don’t want to show them all the negatives. You want to tell them what the possibilities are,” he continued.

Pilotta said he plans to be in town on Thursday to discuss plans for the summit with the mayor, Port of Oswego officials, county representatives and others.