Ethan Parkhurst Response To Residency Issues

Ethan Parkhurst response to residency issues (This letter has not been changed from the Original email sent from the Parhurst Committee)

Ethan Parkhurst response to residency issues (This letter has not been changed from the Original email sent from the Parhurst Committee)

Boy oh boy have we got a mess here. Throughout this game of resident or no resident, we have finally debunked the ultimate question. “Is Ethan Parkhurst an actual resident of Fulton?” the answer is yes! In am a resident. I live at 511 State Street. So before we go making the water muddy let’s focus on getting the facts together in the future BEFORE publishing false information. This is just another example of the miscommunication the departments have in the city as of now. What we need to be focused on are the issues at hand. One of which is the communication between departments. Had the mayor known I was a resident before his announcement that “I am not one”, he would most likely not made such claims. Although the current mayor has decided not to run again we should all consider the effort put forth by him to keep the city afloat. He has paved the road for me to become mayor and succeed for all of Fulton. Not as a republican, democrat, conservative or any party for that matter, but as a person and a tax paying citizen. My plans are simple. Listen to the people and serve them to the best of my abilities. I will not stop running for mayor until November when we realize the people want their voices heard and I’m elected! As for my opponents I wish them all the best and truly hope for the people’s sake we all have them in mind. Because at the end of the day; it’s their voices that matter. We can’t go into office and raise taxes and expect people to want to live here. We can’t go into office and not put forth programs for kids and teenagers and expect them to stay off of drugs. We can’t go into office and do nothing but slowly keep making small improvements and expect the people to realize. We have to go into office, whoever wins the election, and listen to the people and hold more public hearings. My convention center idea is perfect. Let’s face the music here. There isn’t a big business that is going to come back to Fulton. The mayor himself will tell you the taxes are too high and the power is 40% more in this area. The year round convention center will be privately funded and cost the tax payers zero to build. It will allow us to employ thousands of people for decades. Events such as “comicon” and”starwars”conventions bring millions in attendance. Allowing local businesses to flourish like never before during the events. We’ll allow local businesses and citizens to buy stock in the event center first allowing them to profit first and our city to profit first. Once we break ground the hotels will come to build, the restaurants will come and we will be living the happy life of a city with pride again! We will line the top with solar panels and every other city owned building to power our city electric bill. A savings of roughly $370,000 annually. That money will go towards grant writers to seek out grants our city could be receiving. We don’t have grant writers!! We need them!! We should have had our roads paved by now! Our parks kept up on! The sidewalks fixed! Things for the kids to do, and a more senior citizen friendly city. We can have all of this. We need to realize who we are electing and who will actually stick to their guns. Don’t count me out yet. I’m still very much in this race and I will continue to fight for the people at all costs. No matter the lashings I take along the way. Together we will prosper! I look forward to meeting everyone and working with everyone to make for a great living situation. Feel free to contact me at anytime via email at [email protected] thank you very much


  1. Great peice of writing and I don’t know each other..but I commend you for your efforts…I am VERY FRUSTRATED with the current problems in Fulton..they all seem to be working towards there own retirement…I have heard alderman say..I HAVE A COUPLE MORE YEARS…I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE YOUTH OF TOMMOROW…then the media..WOW..can’t believe the way they twist things..I look forward to meeting you very soon..

  2. Residency is a non-issue, what concerns me more is the “if we build it they will come” magical thinking on display in this letter. Why would any convention come to a city lacking the ancillary services to support it? Where in the city are the hotels to house the attendees? Where are the roads that won’t wreck attendees’ cars as they come to the center? Where are the restaurants that will feed the attendees? Where are the small retailers that will entice attendees to shop and provide tax revenue to the city?

    Private funding is a good idea but does it take into account most locals are struggling too hard to support their families and paying too much for substandard city services to be able to tie money up into bonds? “But we can save money with solar panels!” you say but are you taking into account the fact that they wouldn’t be functional for half the year and that maintenance of them would be performed by corrupt city departments that will leech as much money as they can from the project?
    It seems to me you’re looking at someplace like the Syracuse convention complex and ignoring the fact that the city already had the ancillaries required to support it. Why would anyone want to locate their convention in a broken city in the middle of the woods when there’s already everything they look for just 30 minutes down the highway.

    This “convention center > ??? > profit!” delusion tells me Mr Parkhurst is out of touch and has no real idea of what the city needs to get back on its feet.

  3. Fulton needs someone who can type a coherent message. Mr. Parkhurst is not that someone. Shouldn’t have been let out of 9th grade with the lack of paragraphs, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization in that “letter”. I won’t even address the grand plan of a convention center as the basis of his campaign. Laughable.

  4. Moved out of town.. myself included did just that…but really..can’t believe what I just read…you are a perfect person I assume… because you don’t need to speak like you are the king…let me tell you a little something…the big guy upstairs is the only person that should judge someone like you did..I myself have only a tenth grade education..and I have a d.d 214.. and I would love the opportunity to battle wits with you…bet I chew you up before you can say the pledge of allegiance..think before you judge..

  5. So we have someone who has a questionable background, did not go to our schools, has not been an active member of the community, what appears to be no relationship with any local civic groups want us to believe he is going to make a deal to bring in this grand Convention Center…ha ha ha ha ha ha

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