Even If We Don’t Have Any – People Still Love To Talk Snow

OSWEGO, NY – Snow continues to be a hot topic – despite the actual lack of the white stuff for the most part this winter.

Some have tried to make it a bigger issue than it really is.

Recently, photos popped up allegedly showing the aftermath of record-setting snowstorms that hit the Oswego area in February 2007. It depicted a plow dwarfed by huge snowbanks.

This is how downtown Oswego looked just five years ago
This is how downtown Oswego looked just five years ago

That and other similar images were circulated just recently and in mid-February 2007 as photographs showing the aftermath the record-setting snowstorms which hit the Oswego area that winter.

It’s a real photograph. However, it is the description that is inaccurate. It claims to be a picture taken between Oswego and Fair Haven, just off of Route 104.

However, according to Snopes.com, the photographs are actually considerably older than that. They had also been circulated back in 2004 as pictures of snow being cleared from the Trans-Labrador Highway in northeastern Canada, the site pointed out.

This is an actual photo of what Oswego had to deal with five years ago this month.

Here are a few other weather related photos from this past February.

Got nuts?

Hungry squirrels
Hungry squirrels

Nope, me neither.

Two squirrels race up and down a tree in Minetto recently in their never-ending quest to find some more nuts or other goodies to hold them over until spring.

From time to time, they have had to dig through the snow. Most of the time, their treats have been easy to spot on the bare ground this winter.

Their favorite treat is, of course, the unguarded backyard birdfeeder!

(Photo provided by Dick Drosse)

Who needs a groundhog to tell you whether there is going to be six more weeks of winter or not.

Weather forecasting serpent
Weather forecasting serpent

In Hannibal we got restless snakes.

Harrison Wilde was outside a while ago, doing some chores when he spotted this sunshine-seeking serpent.

“I was working  outside one morning, cleaning off the house porch. Suddenly a snake appeared from under the porch saw its shadow and went back under the porch!”

Luckily it hung around long enough for Harrison to run in and grab his camera to document this meteorological phenomenon.

lucy and ethel
Lucy and Ethel

Harrison also sent along this snapshot recently.

“Lucy” and “Ethel” were looking for some food.

However, all “Lucy” wound up with was a ‘snow beard,’ he said.

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  1. It indeed must be a boring winter if all some people have to talk about is the snow or lack of it . Most people up there keep going on like it’s business as usual . Hasn’t anyone noticed the increase of the price of gas ? The high cost of food ? The lack of decent jobs ? Keep dancing while Nero plays !

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