Even Mother Nature Can’t Slow Down Fest Vendors

By Chrissa Butler, contributing writer
OSWEGO – Friday morning at Harborfest and most vendors were set up and ready go.

But Miss Ronnie and Miss Andrea are sitting on a half empty lot laughing their way out of an unexpected mess, wrapping their stools and displays in colorful wrapping paper. Their tent, all put together the night before was damaged by strong wind and weather the night before.

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Miss Andrea of Hair Candy and Miss Ronnie of Fantasy Faces pose for the camera during a break in the action at Harborfest (Photo by Chrissa Butler)

“We were ready to head to Lowe’s and find ANYTHING,” Miss Andrea, owner of Hair Candy, said.  “But the president of Harborfest is bringing us a new one. Isn’t that nice?”

“What can you do?” Miss Ronnie, owner of Fantasy Faces said.  “Just go with it!”

Friends for almost 20 years, both women work out of their homes in Liverpool, NY, deciding this year to take their businesses to the fair and festival circuit for the first time, meeting after their sons were born 17 years ago on the same day.

Specializing in parties and special occasions, Miss Ronnie paints anything from animal faces to KISS band faces for adults. Her motto is “Where Everyone is a Work of Art.”

She also does glitter tattoos and henna art, though she is not doing the latter doing Harborfest.  Miss Ronnie, as she prefers to be called, has done Amy’s 93Q slumber party and nurses’ night out and says that she keeps busy.  Recently, she did an ad campaign for the Syracuse Crunch.

“She’s being modest.” Miss Andrea says. “She’s so good; she’s booked all the time!”

Miss Andrea, which is what she prefers to be called, said that after she graduated from Phillip’s Beauty School, she made the choice to do something different.

And does she. Showing off her own glitter extensions, Miss Andrea says she also does colored and feather clip-ins as well as color rubs. She has a bit of a specialty it wild up-do’s, with crazy colors, ribbons and sometimes, a piece of candy to top them off.  Some reminiscent of a Dr. Suess character and others a bit like a Tim Burton movie, they are creative and dramatic.

“Once we do a few faces and hair and people walk around, more people start coming,” Miss Andrea said.  “We have fun and so do the clients.”

And it’s not just the kids, Miss Ronnie said.

“Adults, women and men,” she said. “Everyone likes to have fun.”

The highlight of the day for Miss Andrea while doing a booth is finding a girl for a day.

“I keep my eye out for a girl whose family may not have a lot of resources and ask her if she wants to be my girl for the day!” she said.  “It’s great to give her that.”

Miss Andrea’s services are all under $10 and Miss Ronnie’s face painting ranges from $5 to $10, more for some special requests.  Hair accessories are also sold.

Their booth is on the corner of West First and Lake streets, across from the ride area.

For more information, go to www.fantasyfaces.org