Events for all ages and levels of fitness at Tri-Oswego 2016

OSWEGO, NY – Registration for the fifth annual Tri-Oswego events is open, according to race director Christopher Jones.

The USAT Sanctioned events will take place June 18 at Wright’s Landing/ Breitbeck Park on Lake Ontario in Oswego.

Participants get ready to swim in a previous Tri-Oswego.
Participants get ready to swim in a previous Tri-Oswego.

The events have been adapted in 2016 to allow all ages and experience levels to participate while still providing challenges for seasoned athletes in this scenic, spectator friendly event.

“In 2016 we have adapted Tri-Oswego to focus on and allow for progressive levels of participation,” said Jones. “Everyone has their strengths and for some it may be running but not swimming or biking. Even still, some may just be working up from walking to running and we now have a way for every participant at our event to have a clear path for growth.”

Participants of all ages and fitness levels will finish side-by-side at the main event finish line overlooking scenic Lake Ontario.

“When you cross our finish line we want to inspire you to take the next step and continue along path to a more active lifestyle,” Jones added.

“New this year is the the Tri-5k Walk/Run which is considered a Stage 3 event at Tri-Oswego. The 5k closed road course will be the new launchpad for Tri-Oswego giving participants exposure to multi-sport events. Participants can then work towards either a Stage 4 Duathlon event which adds a biking element to the run or to Stage 5 Triathlon which is a swim, bike, run event,” said Jones.

Tri-Oswego sets the stage:

Stage 5: USAT Sanctioned Sprint Distance Triathlon & Sprint Team Relay Triathlon consists of an 765-meter swim, 16.4-mile bike course and a 5K run. The swim takes place within the historic Oswego Harbor and attracts 1st time and competitive triathletes throughout the North East region. Corporate and individual teams of 2 or 3 can also compete in the Sprint Relay Triathlon.

Stage 4: USAT Sanctioned Duathlon consists of a 1.1 mile run, 16.4 mile bike course, and a 3.1 mile (5k) run. The bike course follows a scenic route alongside Lake Ontario, enters the SUNY Oswego campus, goes into a rural area then returns back to the City of Oswego. The transitional event bridges the gap between the Tri-5k and the triathlon through exposure to a multi-sport competition.

Stage 3: Tri-5k Walk/Run consists of a closed road 5k course. The running leg of the event starts along the lake, enters the SUNY Oswego campus and again returns to the city. With the entry level event, all participants will finish at the main event finish line and receive finishers medals.

Stage 2: USAT Sanctioned Youth Splash & Dash consists of a 100-200 yd indoor swim followed by a 1.39 mile run. The event is an introduction to multi-sport events for youth and allows youth athletes to finish side-by-side with adult athletes at the main events finish line in Breitbeck Park. Ages 7-15

Stage 1: Kid’s Fun Run allows even the youngest to participate in either a 70yd, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or 1 mile run within Breitbeck park with all participants receiving a finishers medal. Ages 0-12

“Oswego county is ranked in 61st out of 62 counties in NYS with regard to child hood obesity. This is terrible and we’ve worked over the last few years to incorporate youth events but this year we’ve gone a step further.” said Shane Broadwell of the Oswego County Sunset Group. “By taking a step back, we made a decision to remove the long distance course from the event lineup and focus on creating a new event that can attract and encourage growth for every person in our county and region. The Tri-5k will not only be an entry level event but its growth will also help us continue to create and fund new community fitness and training programs as we have in the past.”

Proceeds from the event benefit the Oswego County Sunset Group, a 501 C 3 nonprofit that introduced the event in 2011.

Registration closes June 15.

To register and for further information, visit www.tri-oswego.com

There are no refunds and registrations are non-transferable.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for approval.

About Oswego County Sunset Group, Inc.

Oswego County Sunset Group, Inc. is an organization that promotes appreciation of the local community culture throughout Greater Oswego County. The corporation will promote community involvement by having events such as outdoor sports competition, art, music, dance, maritime activities, and special life skill opportunities. These events will also assist the youth and adults of Greater Oswego County both physically and mentally.