Evergreen Hills Hosts ARISE Golf Clinic

OSEGO, NY: Participants in ARISE programs had the terrific opportunity to participate in a three-day golf clinic hosted by John Hayes and the Evergreen Hills Golf Course.

Volunteer instructor, Tom Doran, worked with the participants to learn proper golf etiquette and form.

Pictured: ARISE Golf Clinic Participants and Evergreen Hills Staff
Pictured: ARISE Golf Clinic Participants and Evergreen Hills Staff

After practicing putting, chipping, and swinging on the driving range, the three-day clinic ended with a spirited captain and crew tournament between five teams: “PonderoStars,” “Banana Splits,” “Gryffindor Dragons,” “Slithering Dragons,” and “Phoenix.”

ARISE is grateful for the generosity of John Hayes and Evergreen Hills Golf Course for hosting the event, as well as the many volunteers who shared their time on the course to make this clinic possible.

Special thanks to the volunteer team captains: Daniel Sullivan, Spencer Horton, Chris Scoville, Shane Hoey, and CJ Patrick.


ARISE is a non-profit Independent Living Center run by and for people with disabilities. The organization has been providing advocacy and services since 1979, and each year ARISE works with approximately 4,000 people of all ages who have all types of disabilities. ARISE has offices in Onondaga, Oswego, and Madison Counties and operates ARISE at the Farm, a 77-acre recreational facility in Chittenango and ARISE & Ski at Toggenburg Winter Sports Center in Fabius.