Exchange Student Reports On His Year In Finland

OSWEGO, NY – At Thursday’s Oswego Sunrise Rotary meeting, Daniel M. Fancher reported his experiences as a Rotary Exchange Student in Finland.

Daniel M. Fancher speaks to members of the Oswego Sunrise Rotary Club.
Daniel M. Fancher speaks to members of the Oswego Sunrise Rotary Club.

The 2009 graduate of Sandy Creek High School recently returned from his exchange year.

He is preparing for his first year RPI in Troy.

Dan told the Sunrise Rotarians that he lived with three families during his stay.

He observed many differences in the government and culture of his host country.

At first sight it is very much like home, but there are significant differences, he noted.

Health care concentrates on preventive care and healthy foods.

You do not see many fried foods or overweight people.

Taxes are very high in this socialist country 35 to 40 percent is paid to the government.

Finland has had several women serve as president.

School is different in that children have more freedom and the sessions are only five weeks long.

As a result, Dan told his audience little time was lost in school.

He was able to take break dancing lessons at a dance school and classical guitar.

The senior prom was very different students had to learn dance forms and perform for their community.

He observed the lack of crime and heavy use of alcohol.

Because the government provides all needs, few beggars are seen on the streets. None existed two years ago.