Exelon, Carpenters Local 277 Makeover YMCA Indoor Skate Park

OSWEGO, NY – Recently, the Oswego YMCA worked together with Exelon
and the North East Regional Council of Carpenters Local 277 for a “build

day” at the YMCA Skate Park.

Visual of Skate Park and Exelon and Carpenters Local 277 Volunteers
Visual of Skate Park and Exelon and Carpenters Local 277 Volunteers

The multi-phased construction and resurfacing project is a significant investment of talent and time for improving the local indoor skate park.

“This phase of the skate park project is aimed to smooth, resurface, clean
up, and give a positive facelift to the park through ramp resurfacing. This
construction work provides a safer and smoother riding environment to more than 350 kids in Oswego County who use the skate park,” according to YMCA Executive Director, Kerrie Ann Webb.

Historically, the ramps would be resurfaced using masonite material.

Masonite is smooth, flexible and cost effective but the downside is that it
requires frequent “repair services” to keep the park safe for athletes.

The frequent upkeep and scheduling of that work can be a challenge, it impacts park availability, park safety, and our ability to grow youth programs for action sports athletes.

This project is unique as the ramps were resurfaced with Skatelite.

Skatelite is $200 a sheet and is the strongest material available in the industry outside of cement parks.

The YMCA was fortunate when Skatelite material became available at a significant discount from an outdoor park that closed this last year in Mexico.

Members from the 30+ Crown Skate League removed materials and shipped it to Oswego for this project.

“We want the best riding surface for our athletes, to minimize downtime, and to help develop and grow talent in a fun filled environment. This project with the partnership of Exelon and Local 277 Carpenters does that.” Webb said.

Construction lead Bob Demm said, “Overall the project was a success. Great turnout and Shawn Baldwin from Exelon did an excellent job communicating, coordinating, planning the job site walk downs, and facilitating the project scope along with other YMCA facility needs between Exelon and the carpenters team before game day. This allowed us to hit the ground running on Saturday morning.”

These types of projects continue to be made possible by support from the
Oswego City-County Youth Bureau and the team stays fueled throughout the day by food generously donated by GJP Pizza.

For skate park hours, visit www.oswegoymca.org.

Want to learn how you can get involved in future projects? Contact Webb at (315) 591-6163, E-mail: [email protected]