Fair Haven Chamber of Commerce Elects Turtle Cove Restaurant as Business of the Month

The Fair Haven Chamber chooses Turtle Cove Restaurant as its business of the month for June for participating the revitalization of the west side.

When Colleen and Brian met at Bailey’s restaurant and bar in 1989, in Exton, Pa., they were both in restaurant management.

turtle coveThey opened restaurants, trained staff, and generally ran the operations from inventory to customer service. Over the next 22 years, they and later on their two boys, lived in Fair Haven on and off. Brian has participated in local fishing tournaments, their kids take sailing classes at the yacht club, and the whole family just generally loved the area.

It was this affection for Fair Haven that inspired them to look for a house in the village.

What they found, however, was a business that had been vacant for years and stood alone but not forgotten on the West side of the bay. Brian and Colleen had always dreamed of owning their own restaurant, and once thought they would invest in a business in the village.

They were unfamiliar with the West side of the bay, as they had always frequented the Main Street area, but they decided to take a closer look, and this decision brought to their attention a whole community that they had never had the opportunity to meet.

After much consideration, Turtle Cove became their new goal. A family restaurant with great food, a casual atmosphere, and lodging for people who wished to enjoy the beauty of Fair Haven.

It was a long project to revitalize the building that had stood alone without care for years, but after extensive remodeling, Turtle Cove restaurant was ready to open.

Brian claims that one of the most amazing things about owning the business is the opportunity to meet new people. He describes the west side of the bay as a whole additional community, one he never realized existed.

The people who live and work on the west side are happy to have Turtle Cove as a part of their community as well.

It’s become a convenient and highly favored spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People from all over Fair Haven and surrounding areas mingle and mix at this new local gem, and that’s why the Fair Haven Chamber of Commerce has chosen Turtle Cove as its business of the month, for bridging our community and revitalizing the west side of the bay.

Turtle Cove is located at 356 King St. Fair Haven and is open Monday – Wednesday from 5 a.m. – 2 p.m. and Thursday -Sunday from 5 a.m. – 9 p.m.